Christmas Recap

This past month has flown by and I can't believe it's almost a new year.  This Christmas was a little crazy and didn't quite go as planned but we still managed to have a good time and celebrate with family.  Henry got sick early in the week and it was determined he had the flu.  We spent the next couple of days trying to keep him and Charlie separated.  We usually spend Christmas Eve at Ryan's parents house but opted out this year since there would be so many kids there and he was still contagious.  We had a nice relaxing day at home full of long naps for all which was great.  The weather was really nice and we were able to spend some time outside.  I think it's safe to say that even though Henry was still contagious that he was feeling much better at this point from his meds :)

Henry woke up bright and early Christmas morning and it was so fun to see him come down and see what Santa brought him.  He was definitely more interested in the leaf blower than his bike but we're hoping he'll be ready to ride that this coming spring/summer.

After opening presents we got dressed and headed over to my parents house for brunch and more presents.

Charlie slept through all the excitement :)

Some of us spent the afternoon golfing, napping, playing with toys, cooking and holding a crying baby.  Charlie had a couple of fits and we're still trying to work out his tummy issues.  We ended up actually switching him to soy formula that afternoon as we were desperate to give him and us some relief.  We're still working through it all but hope that this will help him and we can all get some rest again!

While things were a little different this year and not everything went as planned, we still had a great Christmas and are thankful that we have been able to celebrate with both sides of the family.

Wishing everyone a happy new year!


Merry Christmas

From our home to yours

We couldn't be more blessed this Christmas and wish everyone a season filled with joy, love and happiness!  

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Annual Christmas Dinner

This past Friday night we had our Annual Christmas Dinner with friends.  It's hard to believe this is our 5th year of doing this but I love this tradition and I think we all look forward to it during the holiday season.  This year we had dinner at Alison and Mark's house and they prepared a great meal and their home was decorated beautifully.  It was so much fun to see each other, hold each others babies, exchange gifts and celebrate the season.  The last few years we have also adopted a family from church and we each bring gifts for a member of their family which has also become a new favorite tradition.

 It's hard to believe we've grown by two babies this year!  By the way, it's a little more challenging to get a good pic now with everyone looking at the camera :)

The plaid family... Poor Charlie didn't get the memo :)

This boy got to sit at the big table!  

This little boy slept in his chair during dinner...

All the boys in the group...  

All the girls... 

Our best attempt at a picture of all the kiddos :)

And lastly, a group shot of all of us.  Not everyone is looking but I'd say we did pretty well with the self-timer!

So thankful for great friends and this fun tradition we have created!

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Breakfast with Santa

This past Saturday morning we went to Breakfast with Santa with my parents at their neighborhood clubhouse. My parents took us last year and it's a fun tradition I look forward to continuing.  I was a little worried about us getting dressed and out the door before 9 am but somehow we managed and even had time to snap a few pics by the tree :)

Charlie stayed in his car seat most of the time but we did get a pic of Henry with my parents while waiting in line to see Santa.

Henry did not do well on Santa's lap last year and this year proved to be the same.  Henry wouldn't even let go of Ryan so instead of Henry sitting on Santa's lap Ryan got to sit in the chair.  Santa was sneaky though and stood behind the chair so Henry wouldn't even know he was in the pic.

We didn't get the crying on Santa's lap picture this year but I love this pic as well.  Henry clearly looks thrilled :)

And one pic of our family of four!

They even had a reindeer outside that Henry loved!  He wasn't crazy about leaving but we decided it was time since he kept trying to stick his hand in the cage :/

It was a great morning and hopefully next year we'll get a pic of both boys on Santa's lap with smiles.  Wishful thinking, I know :)


Charlie's Family and Friends

We were so grateful to have our friends and family visit us while in the hospital and when we first got home.  Everyone has been a huge help over the last 10 days and we really appreciate all the love and support!

We don't have many pictures of right when Charlie was born partly due to the fact that it happened so quick and then partly because I refused to let Ryan take any pictures of me at that point.  We were able to grab a few hours of sleep late that morning and then shower before visitors starting arriving :)

In love with our newest son...

Henry meeting his little brother for the first time...


The amazing door hanger my mom made!

 My parents

Love this pic :)

Nicole and Alexandra popped in for a quick visit... 

Ryan's mom

Aunt Becca

Ryan's Dad

We were so thankful Nicole, Alexandra and Aaron came back later that night with pizza and champagne!

The next day Katelyn, Rhonda and Danny stopped by...

About to head home!

Alison and Mark came over on Sunday...

Uncle Ryan

Henry holding Charlie for the first time... We'll have to work on his hold :) 

Cousin Lauren 


Lauren, Emily and Aunt Becca

More pics of our time at home coming soon!