Henry's One Year Pictures

Sara Jensen posted more pictures on her blog from Henry's one year photo session and I had to share.  He has already changed so much since we've taken these but I love looking back on them all!


Annual Christmas Dinner

Last night we hosted our annual Christmas dinner with friends and we had a great time!  This is our 4th year we have done this and such a fun tradition that we all look forward to.  The food was yummy (well, minus the potatoes....) and of course the wine was flowing.  We had a great time catching up and celebrating this Holiday season.


 My Christmas cutie :) 

Love this pic of Ryan and Henry....

Can't wait to add a sweet baby girl next year!

Someone was a little over the pics at this point and ready for bed :)


Group pic at the end of the night!

So thankful for great friends and this fun tradition we have created!

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Merry Christmas

From our home to yours....

Wishing you a Christmas season filled with joy, love and happiness!  

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Thirteen Months!

Henry Ryan.... you are thirteen months old!

I'm not planning on continuing these posts every month but will try to do them periodically so I have a record of your stats and activities at each age.

You are turning into such a big boy and are no longer a baby.  You still weigh 21 1/2 pounds are are 30 inches tall.  You've slimmed out quite a bit and are 50 percentile for both weight and height.  You're wearing 12-18 month clothes and are in size 4 diapers.

You are still a great eater and love all types of food!  You are no longer on formula and drink whole milk throughout the day.  I do give you milk in a sippy cup in the morning and at night but no bottles for us anymore!

You are not walking yet and are just now starting to stand on your own for a bit without holding on.  You love to climb up the stairs and have just recently figured out how to go back down.

You are such a curious little boy and have figured out how to open the cabinets.  Time to put on the child locks!  You love to pull everything out and then climb in.

You are not saying any official words yet but love to "talk" and babble on.  We think you can almost say dog but we're not sure.

Henry, I absolutely LOVE this stage and I'm looking forward to learning and seeing more about the little boy you are to become!


Christmas Pics

Christmas time with a little boy is just as magical as I had hoped and I can only believe it gets better with age.  We have had so much fun decorating the house this year, dressing Henry up in Christmas outfits and going to see Santa.  I know Henry won't remember anything from this year but I sure will!  We still have a little over a week until Christmas but I wanted to share a few snapshots from these past few weeks...

My mom gave Henry an advent calendar and it's been so much fun opening a gift or a card for each day in the month of December.  Some days we have a cute Christmas outfit to open, an activity for us to do, a Christmas book to read or some new Christmas PJ's to wear at night.

Our new favorite thing to do right now is sit on the first step of the stairs and laugh at Benny... 

One morning we took pictures with Christmas lights...

Henry has been so good with the tree this year.  He rarely actually touches it and just likes to stare at the pretty lights and ornaments....

We got all dressed up one morning for Breakfast with Santa with Mimi and Pop.  

Henry wasn't such a fan of the big guy in a red suit but we had a good laugh with his picture...

Henry likes to wake up extra early lately and we spend a lot of time in our cute jammies checking out the Christmas decorations...

Laughing at Benny... :) 

Sporting our cute Rudolph shirt :) 

And lastly, baking Christmas cookies with Mom!  

Hope you're enjoying this season as we are!  


Kentucky & Virginia Trip Recap

I'm a little late blogging about out trip to Kentucky and Virginia back in October but I want to capture the pictures on here.  A few highlights....
  • Henry's first plane ride (thank goodness for yogurt melts and for flight attendants who give us plastic cups for entertainment)
  • Fun with cousins zooming around the house
  • Yay for a big win on the last race at Keeneland to pay for the babysitter!
  • Beautiful fall colors and cooler temps in Virginia
  • Fun date nights for Ryan and I 
  • Henry's first Halloween in Kentucky
  • Hanging in the winners circle at Churchill Downs!