Back from the Hill Country

This past weekend Ryan and I spent a long, relaxing weekend with my parents and my brother and his fiance in Horseshoe Bay and we had an absolute blast. This happens to be one of our favorite places in Texas as Ryan and I were married at the Marriott Horseshoe Bay a little over two years ago. We haven't been back since so it was great to relive all the fun memories of that weekend.

The first night we were in HSB we ate dinner at the Yacht club and had the best view of the lake. The restaurant happened to be fairly empty so we were able to enjoy a quiet evening just the six of us.
Over the course of the weekend the guys played 3 rounds of golf and my mom, Courtney and I rode with them a couple of times. It was so hot out there I'm not sure how they did it! While they were playing we managed to make our way to the pool :)

The pool was beautiful and we had it mostly to ourselves which made it even better. The mango margaritas didn't hurt either...

Ryan and I spent some of our time walking around the beautiful grounds at the Marriott and I was able to take a couple of cool pictures.

And this happens to be the best spot of them all! Ryan and I said our vows right here under the palm trees just a few years ago!

Since we were in the hill country we decided to try out one of the local wineries in the area. We had a tasting and ate lunch out there. Then we managed to find our way back at the golf course for the 3rd round of the weekend :)
Some of the grapes on the vine out at Flat Creek Winery. I like the fact that you can see my Dad in the background.
The last night we ate dinner out at the golf course and it was fabulous! The food was delicious and the company was even better.

Group pic of the fam. We had such a great weekend and I'm looking forward to our next trip ;)


No turning back....

I announced last month that I was planning on running the Houston Half Marathon in January and I officially registered this past Friday. What was I thinking?!? Two of my best friends, Alison and Nicole, signed up as well so I guess we're all in this together. I actually started training this past week and so far so good. It seems a little crazy to train for 6 months but since I've never actually been a runner before I think I will need all the training I can get. So far we've only had to run a total distance of 3 miles and I've been able to do this fairly easily. I'll keep you posted over the next few months to let you know how it's going then. Anyways, now that I have officially registered I think I owe myself a new pair of running shoes and some cute new running outfits, right??

In other news, Ryan and I went to a wedding last night in Tyler,TX and had a blast! Ryan's cousin, Kristin, was getting married and it was quite the party. I'm pretty sure they had one of the best bands I've ever heard at a reception and the dance floor was packed all night. They played music anywhere from Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson to Nelly!

Unfortunately, I didn't get as many pictures as I would like and the ones I did get are not very good. The quality of my point and shoot just doesn't even compare to the Nikon so I might start lugging the big SLR to the next family affair :)


Benny the Brat - AGAIN

Wow, I think every other post I've written lately has been about Benny. He practically is our child so I hope you don't mind hearing about our shenanigans with him :)

Anyways, he really is a good dog but every now and then he can be a complete BRAT and he proved that once again tonight. I hope this isn't TMI but on more than one occasion we have caught him with his snout in the clothes hamper when we're not looking in search of a pair of my panties. Once he hits jackpot he then proceeds to trot around the house showing us what he has and before we can grab him he swallows them.

As I'm getting out of the shower tonight I realize that Bennett is no where to be found and normally he is right by my side. I know this can't be good. As I cautiously enter the bedroom I discover that Benny, once again, has a pair of my panties dangling from his mouth. I immediately corner him and think that there is no way he is going to get them this time but he proves me wrong. Before I can even tell him to stay he has gulped them down and is licking his lips. Just. like. that. The worse part is I really liked that pair but thankfully he didn't get a hold of the hanky pankys...


Weekend Recap

Is it Sunday night already?? Ryan and I had another relaxing yet great weekend and it seemed to go by too quickly. We had Friday off from work and we spent the afternoon poolside with our good friends Alison and Mark. Later that evening we met Aaron & Nicole at El Tiempo and had a great time hanging out with everyone.

Ryan and I enjoying our margs :)
The girls - Alison, myself and Nicky T
Saturday was another relaxing day and Alison and I laid by the pool in the afternoon while Ryan and Mark went out to the country to help Ryan's parents work on the barn they are building. When the guys came back we grilled out at our place and then drove back to Alison and Mark's apartment so we could walk over to Allen Park to watch the fireworks. There was actually a breeze out last night and we really had a great time and enjoyed the show.
We have spent most of today lounging around the house and we ran a few errands this afternoon. Overall, it was fun weekend and we had a great time celebrating the 4th of July. As I've mentioned before, this past June has been fairly slow for us (which we have truly enjoyed) but things are about to gear up this July. Over the next few weekends we have parties, a wedding, hopefully a quick weekend getaway and then more family in town. I know we'll be busy but I'm looking forward to it!
Ryan is also turning the big 25 this week so I'm sure they'll be lots of celebrating!

Have a great week!