Benny the Brat - AGAIN

Wow, I think every other post I've written lately has been about Benny. He practically is our child so I hope you don't mind hearing about our shenanigans with him :)

Anyways, he really is a good dog but every now and then he can be a complete BRAT and he proved that once again tonight. I hope this isn't TMI but on more than one occasion we have caught him with his snout in the clothes hamper when we're not looking in search of a pair of my panties. Once he hits jackpot he then proceeds to trot around the house showing us what he has and before we can grab him he swallows them.

As I'm getting out of the shower tonight I realize that Bennett is no where to be found and normally he is right by my side. I know this can't be good. As I cautiously enter the bedroom I discover that Benny, once again, has a pair of my panties dangling from his mouth. I immediately corner him and think that there is no way he is going to get them this time but he proves me wrong. Before I can even tell him to stay he has gulped them down and is licking his lips. Just. like. that. The worse part is I really liked that pair but thankfully he didn't get a hold of the hanky pankys...


  1. I just spit out my dr.pepper reading this. HOW FUNNY!

  2. My pug Chief takes them out of the dirty laundry and hides them under the bed. I was vacuuming the other day and found 6 pairs under there!!!


  3. Our dog, Rover, did that too! Except instead of eating them, he would tear them to shreds and leave them in his bed!

  4. Oh my!! I went through this when I lived with Shannon Galvin in college. Her dog was always stealing our panties. I am guessing that he is male :O) Don't let him get the Hanky Pankies, they aren't cheap.

  5. Oh Bennett! Our dogs used to do go after stuff like that too. Thank goodness Daisy hasn't gotten into eating undies! She did eat super glue though...not sure if that's better? HA

  6. oh my goodness! i love reading stories about other people's dogs... especially those that misbehave... let's me know i'm not alone! :)


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