Playing with Paper

This past Friday we went to the pediatrician for Henry's well visit and shots.  He was in such a good mood and had a great time waiting on the doctor to come in.    

He was having fun playing with Sophie and then quickly discovered he could crunch up the paper he was sitting on...

And then he discovered that he could rip it.  And it made such a cool sound!

"Hey Mom, can we get this at home? It's pretty fun."

And of course he had to taste it...

And then the paper was destroyed.  It's a good thing the Dr. had a sense of humor.  I'm also pretty sure he wasn't the first baby to do that....  

Oh the joy of being a seven month old and discovering new things everyday :)


Seven Months...

Henry Ryan... you are seven months old!  

You have changed so much this past month and are even more full of smiles, laughs and squeals.  You are sitting up so well and love to play on the floor with your toys.  You are definitely rolling over now and we have to always keep an eye on you.  You are not quite crawling but manage to get around by rolling and scooting.  I have a feeling that we only have another month or so until you're off!

You are a big boy and weigh 19 pounds.  You're wearing size 9-12 month clothes and are still in size 3 diapers.  You're eating great and take 6 bottles a day and eating baby food at least twice.  We have also given you yogurt melts and puffs and you seem to love those.

We tried you in a high chair for the first time and you did great.  You made me a little nervous but you managed to stay put.  You seem to make everyone around you grin.  Who wouldn't love that sweet smile of yours?? :)

You still love to be outside and we have gone swimming quite a bit this summer.  You do great in the water and enjoy hanging out in your float.

You are sleeping great and go down around 8 at night and then are up between 5:30 and 6 in the morning.  We wish this would be a little later on the weekends but we really can't complain since you usually let us get at least 9 straight hours of sleep.

You are such an active boy and constantly want to be on the ground moving, in your jumper, or bouncing on our legs.  I just can't imagine what it will be like when you are running around.  It makes me sad to see that you've grown up so much but I'm looking forward to what this next month has to hold.

 Happy seven months sweet baby boy!


Little Fish

This little boy loves the water!  He had quite the time modeling his cute swimwear, chilling in his raft, splashing with Mimi and swimming with Dad :)