We finished!

All six of us finished 13.1 miles this past Sunday in the Houston Half Marathon.  It wasn't easy and it definitely rained on us but we finished.  And that's the important part.  We toasted to completing the half-marathon afterwards at Cyclones with our families and it was a great moment.  It was especially great to be dry.  And done.

I also accomplished my goal and finished right under two hours at 1.57.57.  And Ryan had a great run and finished at 1.36.30.  Cheers to another great race for the books!

The fab runners - Alison, Nicky T, Chelsea, Me, Ryan & Mark


Ready to Race

Ryan and I picked up our race packets today and we're ready to race tomorrow morning!  I'm not sure the weather is going to cooperate but we're planning on running rain or shine.  We both have a goal in mind of when we want to finish but that could go all out the window if it's pouring rain.  Either way, we're looking forward to a safe, fun run and then brunch afterwards with all our friends and family!


Birthday Weekend

I've had a great weekend celebrating my 27th birthday and I owe it all to my husband, friends and family!  Ryan and I went out to eat Friday night and then last night we went out to one of my favorite restaurants, El Tiempo, with all of our friends.  We had a great time at dinner and then came back to our house for a little more fun.  We had a fire going outside, played a couple rounds of cornhole and just chatted :)

Now we're spending today being lazy since it's cold and rainy outside which is perfect.  I'm also blogging right now from my new laptop thanks to Ryan!

Thanks for all the calls, texts, facebook posts, emails and gifts!  It makes entering my late 20's not so bad :)


Back to School, Part III

Ryan started back to school this week for his last semester of his MBA.  That's right, his LAST semester.  Woohoo!  So, in honor of him having only a few months left, I poured myself a glass of wine, heated up some leftovers and plan on catching up on my DVR of all the shows Ryan can't stand watching.

I've posted here and here on Ryan going back to school and both times I had set big goals for myself to accomplish during those months.   This time around I haven't exactly set any goals as I plan to spend my free time hanging out with girlfriends, learning how to cook from my mom, taking Bennett on runs and simply enjoying being alone every now and then.  Cheers!


Fun with Friends

This past weekend our good friends, Anna and Reid, came to visit us for a few days.  They flew in Thursday night from Tulsa and we picked them up at the airport around 11:30.  Their flight had been delayed and they hadn't had much to eat at that point.  We decided to hit up a local Mexican restaurant that was open 24 hours for a little late night grub.  Surprisingly, the food was actually pretty good!  We stayed up pretty late that night chatting and catching up so we didn't quite get an early start the next day. 

We lounged around Friday morning and then went to the park for a walk.  Afterward, we cleaned up and went to lunch at a yummy Italian restaurant in Rice Village. 


The rest of the afternoon we did a little shopping, drove around the area and then hit up Specs for some bubbly and snacks for later.   We had reservations later that night at Backstreet Cafe so we relaxed at home awhile before getting ready.  I think we may have relaxed a little too long as we rushed around to get ready since our cab showed up before we thought.  We did manage to get in a glass or two of champagne though and snap a few pics :)

 Before sitting down at the restaurant...
 Anna & Reid...
We had a blast that night at dinner and our waiter treated us like celebrities.  Seriously.  So many fun laughs were had and memories made!
They passed out all kinds of goodies to ring in the new year.  Oh, and way too much complimentary champagne.... Good thing our cab driver Lucky was there to pick us up!
 The next morning we went to brunch at one of our favorite spots.  We ate a big meal, came back and relaxed and then took a long walk in our neighborhood.  At that point we got dressed and then drove out to my parents house to spend the night.  OU was playing in the Fiesta Bowl and since five out of the six of us (including my parents) went to OU we wanted to watch it all together.  We had a fun evening filled with dinner in the wine room, watching the game outside by the fireplace and even some time in the hot tub. 

The next morning my mom made a delicious breakfast and then we headed out for a really long walk in their neighborhood.  It was a beautiful day and felt great to be outside.  Afterward, we cleaned up and went walking around Market Street in The Woodlands and had a late lunch/early dinner at a new favorite of ours, Hubbell and Hudson

We came back to my parents, took one last pic of all four of us, picked up Benny and headed back to our house. 

It was Sunday evening at that point and we were all tired from our fun filled weekend.  We watched a movie and just lounged around.  Unfortunately, Anna and Reid had to leave early Monday morning and I was sad to see them leave.  I hate that we live so far apart and barely get to see each other.  However, I'm thankful for the time we spent with them last weekend and look forward to our next get together.  I'm pretty sure it's our turn to go to Tulsa!