Weekend Fun

This past weekend Ryan had class all day Friday and Saturday but we still managed to squeeze in some fun.  We went out to dinner Friday night with Alison and Mark at one of our favorite restaurants in our neighborhood, Zelko Bistro.  I'm still thinking about their mouth-watering fried chicken...

Saturday I ran the Rodeo Run 10K with a coworker of mine.  This was the third time I've ran since the half-marathon last month so I was little nervous how it was going to go.  Thankfully, the weather was great and we had a great run.

That afternoon I did a little window shopping since Ryan and I are planning on changing up our living room and I actually ended up purchasing a new couch at West Elm.  We've had our eye on it for awhile now and finally pulled the trigger.  Now I need to get busy on purchasing everything else and actually decide on a wall color...

That evening Ryan and I had a date night at Tiempo.  It's rare lately that we have a meal together so it was nice to go out and enjoy good food and relax.

The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we had plans to meet all our friends up at a local restaurant that afternoon to celebrate Nicole's birthday.  We had a great time hanging out with friends on the patio and it was a great way to end the weekend!


Still Here....

I've been meaning to sit down and blog but I've been struggling lately with something interesting to write.  However, I want to keep this blog updated on happenings in our household (exciting or not) so I'm going to give you a bullet point list to recap our last two weeks.... I know, don't get too excited : )

  • Ryan has been at school
  • My car died one day after work and I had to hitch a ride home with a co-worker
  • My car sat in the parking garage for four days before it was towed out
  • We were convinced it wasn't the battery but the repair shop told us otherwise.  I guess we should have tested it before we paid for a tow truck....  
  • Ryan has been at school
  • Ryan got a new job at work (yay!)
  • Ryan has been doing two jobs at work until they hire someone else...
  • Ryan has been at school
  • I had a fabulous dinner with two of my best friends.  Yay for fun times with girlfriends!
  • We picked out a new couch, chair, rug and paint for our living room.  Now we just need a tree with green leaves in the shape of dollar bills to grow in our back yard so we can purchase new furniture...
  • Had a great evening at a delicious restaurant with Ryan, my parents, brother and his fiancĂ©
  • Found out three friends of mine are pregnant in the last five days.  Something must be in the water...
  • Ryan has been at school
  • Discovered Ryan's car now has a problem...
  • Had a relaxing Valentines date at home with Ryan which included a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns and a bottle of red wine... Doesn't get much better than that. Seriously. 

All in all, these last couple of weeks have been good but I must say Ryan and I both are ready for him to graduate.  Between school and work we barely have time to see each other.  It will all be worth it though in a couple of months when he graduates!

Hopefully my next post will be a little more exciting and won't have a picture of pepperonis...:)