Tour of Oklahoma

A few weeks ago I traveled to Oklahoma to do college recruiting at OU and OSU.  I love this part of my job and it worked out that I was able to stay the weekend between the two trips and visit some good friends.  I spent Friday night in Norman and I was able to see Kari and meet her sweet girl, Izzy J.  Kari and I had some girl time that afternoon and hit up a few of our favorite shops in Norman and then headed to Oklahoma City for the evening.  We had a BLAST and could have talked for hours.

That next morning we hung out at her house playing with Izzy before heading out for a girls lunch at Cafe Plaid. Ms. Izzy was so much fun and I loved hanging out with her and seeing her sweet personality.

I hated that my time with them was so short but I'm looking forward to their trip down to Houston.  Hopefully soon!

I left Norman Saturday afternoon and headed out for Tulsa.  I was so excited to stay with Anna and Reid for two nights and I was able to meet their sweet new puppy, Isa.

We did the usual - mani/pedis, shopped, walked, brunched, ate good food and drank lots of vino.  I wished Ryan could have been on this trip as the four of us always have a blast together but it was also nice to have some much needed girl time.

It was definitely hard to be away from my boys for that long and not something I want to do often, but I am thankful for great friends that hosted me that weekend :)


Ten Months...

Henry Ryan.... you are ten months old!  

You are so over your monthly pictures as you can tell from the pic above.  It makes me sad that I didn't get a cute picture in your chair to capture this month but I think this honestly says it better.  You cannot sit still. Taking a picture of you is a challenge.  Changing your diaper is a challenge.  Putting clothes on you is a challenge.  You are ready to explore and see it all.  Why would you want to sit still??

You are quite the crawler and can move pretty fast.  If we're not careful you'll be in the other room before we know it!  You are also pulling up on anything and everything you can get your hands on.  We've had a few tumbles but you are pretty steady on your feet now. You have not tried standing without holding on to anything but I don't think you are far off from trying.  You are definitely a brave little boy...

You weigh 21 pounds and are wearing size 4 diapers and mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes.  You are eating great and absolutely LOVE food.  You are eating some baby food but take most any table food.  Everyday when I pick you up from daycare they tell me something new you tried.  This past week you had sloppy joes and tator tots which they said was a new favorite :).  You are taking four bottles during the day and seem to be less interested in this than actual food.  I'm hoping this will be an easy transition when we need to wean you off formula.

You have watched several A&M games this Fall and your Dad makes sure you are dressed in maroon every Saturday.  I recently picked up a few OU shirts so you'll be able to wear crimson as well.

You are still sleeping great at night and go down between 7:30-8 and wake up around 6:30.  Napping is still inconsistent but you usually take a nap in the morning and afternoon, it may be 30 minutes or over an hour.

You love to play with your toys but you also love to have things you're not supposed to have.  Our phones and the remote are always a favorite of yours and you definitely are not happy when we take it away from you.

You are drooling like crazy right now and finally just had two teeth cut through on the bottom.  You have been a little fussy but seem to be handling it fine for the most part.

Henry - this has been such a FUN month and I love seeing your personality shine.  Looking forward to what the next month has to hold!