Family Love

This past week Henry was able to meet his great grandmother from Tulsa.  She was in town for a few days and I loved being able to spend time with her and that she was able to meet her great grandson.  Henry has also had the pleasure of meeting his other great grandmother as well as Ryan's granddad.  Henry is so fortunate to have met such special people!


Hooray for Sleep!

We had a big night in our household last night and I have to share.... Henry slept for 7 1/2 hours, took a bottle, then went back to sleep for another 3!!  The last two weeks he has been sleeping longer stretches but this by far is the longest.  We've been having trouble keeping him swaddled lately as he has grown out of the size small Summer Swaddleme and he is not quite big enough for the next size.  He manages to get out of both and his arms start flailing which wakes him up.  We had a few bad nights and decided to try another brand.  We switched to the Halo SleepSack Swaddle last night and it was a miracle!  When I was rocking him back to sleep I didn't want to put him back in his crib. He is growing up so quickly and I love this time right now with him.

And on that  note, I have to share a picture of my big boy.  He is already watching TV on the couch and hogging the remote :)  Where did the time go?!?


Two Months...

Henry Ryan.... you are two months old!

This past month has flown by since we've been so busy with the holidays, packing, moving and unpacking!  We are excited to be in our new house and are getting settled and in to a routine with you.  You are such a growing boy and at your two month appointment you weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces and were 23 1/2 inches long.  You have grown out of all your newborn clothes and are wearing 3 month clothes but I think you'll be out of those soon too!

You are such a happier boy these last few weeks since we've had you on medicine for your reflux and we also switched you to soy formula.  You still cry for us every now and then but your daddy discovered you like the song Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys and that always seems to calm you down.

You are sleeping much better at night and usually go down around 9 pm and are up at 1, 4 and then up for the day between 6-7.  These last two nights your long stretch has been between 5-6 hours though and we're only getting up once per night so hopefully that will be your new norm.  It's definitely nice getting  more sleep at a time!

When you wake up in the morning you are generally happy and after you have your bottle you like to play on your mat in your room.

You also let your mom dress you up and take lots of pictures in your cute outfits.

You are really starting to smile and coo which makes our hearts melt.  You are such a cute baby!

You are typically awake in the mornings and take your first nap between 11-12.  You tend to nap most of the afternoon which is fine since I can get a few things done around the house and then we usually go for a walk with Bennett.

You are really noticing things in front of you and love looking at the light. You are also a very active baby and you hold your head up so well.  I imagine when you finally start crawling that you'll be all over the place!

These last two months have gone by so fast but we are loving every minute with you.  Looking forward to what the next month holds!

Happy two months Henry!


Benny Love

Benny has been such a good dog lately and is so sweet around Henry.  Every night when I go to give Henry a bottle Bennett follows me and lays right next to the glider.  I can already tell he is protective of Henry and I can't wait until Henry is older because I know they are going to be best friends.  I have captured a few shots this past week and I had to share.

Benny loves laying under Henry's crib.  I think he mostly likes sleeping with something over his head but I love that he naps under there while we are in the room :)

Every morning during tummy time Bennett lays right by us.  Some days he tries to lick Henry but mostly he just watches :)

I caught Bennett on Henry's mat the other day.  I promise I washed this afterwards but I had to snap a quick pic.

Tummy time love :)

Napping on Henry's dirty clothes...


Christmas 2011

I'm a few days late on posting this but it's been pretty crazy around here.  These last few weeks we have been celebrating the holidays with family and friends, packing, moving, unpacking and taking care of a 7 week old baby!  We just got the internet hooked up today in our new house and I want to share a few pictures from Henry's first Christmas so we have this to look back on.

Ryan & Henry on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

My little candy cane :)

Family photo on Christmas day

My other favorite boy :)