Charlie's Nursery

When I found out we were having another boy I knew I wanted to keep the nursery the same for the most part.  I have always loved that room and was excited that I actually got to keep it that way for a little longer.  While most of it looks the same as when Henry was in there, I did add a few things to make it unique to Charlie.

When I put the room together for Henry, I kept it mostly soft blues and neutrals and most of my inspiration came from Restoration Hardware.  I have since added more pops of color to the room because let's be honest, most of the books and baby gear is bright and full of color!  I wanted the room to be sweet but also functional.  And most of the time I have a bright play mat right in the middle of the room :)

And of course I have to include a picture of sweet Charlie in his crib :) 

Furniture - Pottery Barn Kids, Kendall Collection
Bedding - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child (No longer sold)
Rug - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child (No longer sold)
Shelf - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child 
Hot Air Balloon Prints - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child (No longer sold)
Linen Pinboard - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
I See the Moon Print... Minted
Baskets - Pottery Barn Kids (No longer sold)
Curtains - Pottery Barn Kids (Color no longer sold)
Rocker - Pottery Barn Kids 


Big Brother Update

Henry seems to be changing so much lately and really turning into a little boy.  He's two years and three months right now and at such a fun age.  While this is a fun age since he's talking so much more and showing expression, it's also an age full of meltdowns.  I think that just comes with the territory of being two...

He is big enough to climb the playground equipment and slide down all by himself.  This makes me nervous but of course he loves it!

Have I mentioned he loves to grill and eat hot dogs?? ;)  

He has found a new obsession lately which is the movie Cars.  We have a love/hate relationship with this movie.  It's great right now because it guarantees that he will sit there for two hours watching this which is awesome when you have a newborn and a husband that is studying for his last CPA test.  The bad part is that he wants to watch this movie ALL.THE.TIME.  He asks to watch this first thing when he wakes up and wants to watch at night before bed.  Which of course ends up in a meltdown when it doesn't go his way.  I do think we're going to limit his tv watching soon but for now we're still in survival mode with the baby...

He has even gotten his little brother to watch the movie with him :) 

Sleep has been another hot topic around our house.  Henry seems to go down easy for his naps at school but we've had issues with him taking a nap at home.  He definitely still needs a few hours of sleep during the day but tends to fight it with us.  Same goes for bedtime.  The other issue is that he has been waking up much earlier than normal.  He was sleeping till 7 (which is late for him) but has lately been waking up between 5 and 6 am.  We're hoping this is just a phase as we finally have Charlie sleeping well and now we're getting up with Henry.

Henry sure can be sweet in the mornings though.  He still loves to snuggle right when he wakes up and watch cartoons.  

One morning he insisted on Charlie sitting next to him to watch cartoons :)  

Henry had a valentine's party at school and he was so sweet.  He actually wouldn't let me put him down when I got there and we ended up sitting at our own table instead of with the rest of the kids. He was so excited I was there and kept telling everyone I was his Mama :)

Henry loves all types of trucks and cars.  He loves to play with them and is always pointing them out when we are driving.  He is always carrying matchbox cars with him and has to pick a certain truck each night to sleep in bed with him.  Have I mentioned how much he loves cars and trucks?? If you add in dirt he is even more happy :)

And lastly, I have to include another picture of him and Charlie.  He loves to be near his brother and is always asking where he is.  He really has done great with this transition and I know they are going to be best friends as they get older!


Life is Sweet...

Life sure is sweet with these cuties.  Happy Valentine's Day!


Charlie at Two Months...

Charles Davis... you are two months old!

While your first month seemed to last forever, this month flew by.  Seriously.  I can't believe it's already time to write your second month post.  I'm not sure if things just got easier, I felt more comfortable with you, we all got more sleep or we started to get a routine but things just started to click this month.  I'm not saying every moment was easy but I think we're finally figuring this all out.  I hope I'm not going to regret making that comment...

We haven't had your doctors appointment yet but based on our scale you are about 11 1/2 pounds. I'm also assuming you've gotten longer as you barely fit in your 0-3 month clothes that have feet. You are definitely growing and we just switched you over to size 1 diapers.

Your tummy issues seem much better now with you on Similac Total Comfort formula.  We went through a few weeks where you were very constipated and were in a lot of pain but we started putting Karo syrup in your bottle in the morning and at night and I think that has finally helped. We also tried a few other remedies and let's just say that I think we're all happy that you are feeling better now and don't need any "interventions" for relief :)

You are finally able to spread out your bottles during the day and take 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours. Your naps are still not predictable and you like to "cat nap" throughout the day which is a little challenging.  You usually take a longer nap in the afternoon only if you're in your swing or being held.  

This next picture was taken right around 5 weeks and I can now say that you've lost quite a bit of that hair in the back.  Henry had the same issue where he had a mullet with a little patch of hair in the back and looks like you are going to be the same!

Bath time is much more pleasant as you are starting to enjoy soaking in the tub.  We normally do baths for both you and Henry after dinner before we start our bed time routine.  I wish I could say you go down for bed easily but normally you wake back up after your bottle and we spend quite a bit of time bouncing/rocking/walking you to sleep.  

You are definitely the happiest in the morning and have started giving me the best smiles!  I love to dress you in your cute clothes and snap pictures of you.

Your smile seriously melts my heart... :)

I mentioned that you are a happy baby but this is mostly because you are in my arms ALL day long.  I can't say I mind this all that much but there are definitely times I would like to put you down so I could get a few things done. Thankfully we don't have much on our agenda and I can easily accommodate holding a sweet baby all day long. Unfortunately, you're going to be in for a shock when you go to daycare in a few weeks...

We have also started putting you on your mat and you love to look up at the lights and toys.

You're still not a huge fan of laying on your tummy but I can normally get a few good minutes of you working your neck muscles before you give up and cry.

You are doing really well with sleeping at night and usually give us a long stretch of 5-6 hours first and then a shorter one of 3 hours.  You did sleep for 8 1/2 hours one night but unfortunately that hasn't happened since. You typically go down anywhere between 8-10 and will wake up either once or twice in the night and then are up for the day between 6-7.  I'm not complaining too much as I know (at least hope!) that you'll be sleeping through the night soon.

I think my favorite milestone this month has been your sweet smiles and coos.  You love to talk to me in the mornings and give me the best grins :)

Love you Charlie Boy and looking forward to what's to come!


Master Griller

Henry got a grill for Christmas and it has been a big hit around our house.  It usually stays inside but if Ryan is ever grilling he wants to pull it outside and be right beside him.  Lately I've been starting to realize how much Henry watches us because he continues to surprise me with what he does lately that mimics us.  He clearly has been watching his Dad and Pops grill because he knows just what to do.

He still has a few things to learn because he put the "dot dogs" on before turning on the grill but we're working on it... :)

His other favorite thing to do lately is pull all the seasonings out of the pantry and pretend to sprinkle them on his food.  Thankfully he hasn't figured out how to open them but I'm sure that's only a matter of time...

Checking the temperature...

Next thing I know he is running inside and pulls a wooden spoon out of the drawer.  I think he is looking for something to place the meat on and this is the first thing he grabs :)

Carefully places his burger on the spoon...

Concentrating so hard...

And then it falls, he laughs, throws the rest of the dot dogs on the ground, grabs his car that was sitting in the sink and does his little happy dance.  Oh the life of a two year old.... gotta love it!