23 Weeks and A Baby Shower!

This past Sunday Ryan's sisters hosted a wonderful baby shower for us!  Everything was amazing and we feel so blessed with everything we have received.  Before I get to the details though I want to share a bump picture before the shower at 23 weeks.  I feel like my belly is growing everyday now and I continue to be amazed that there is actually a little boy kicking around in there :)

On to the shower... I must admit I was a little nervous at first as I really am one of the first of my good friends to have a baby and I haven't been to very many baby showers.  I was afraid I would not know all the baby lingo and not even know what some of the gadgets were that I would be opening but in the end it all worked out.  At least I'd like to think that I fooled everyone and looked like a natural "mom to be" that has read all the baby books...

Ryan's sisters had really outdone themselves and all the details were great.  They had cute onesies, socks and hats hanging from the mantle, a cute diaper cake on the table, baby pictures of Ryan & I and even cake balls that looked like little baby rattles!

It was fun to mingle with all the guests and we enjoyed a delicious lunch before opening gifts.  All of our nieces and nephews were there and I had a ton of little helpers :)

I couldn't believe how generous everyone was and feel so blessed with all the gifts we received to welcome this new baby into our family.

My Mom, Grandmother, Courtney and myself 

Ryan's sisters 

With my Mom and Ryan's Mom

Since we are trying to sell our house we decided not to bring everything back to our little two bedroom home and my wonderful mother offered to hold onto it for the time being.  I hated that Ryan wasn't able to see all our things so my mom snapped a few pics of everything.  Now, I just need to remember what we all received in case anything happens to go missing.  I know she already has a stash of baby items for her house and I think I heard her mention at the shower that she needs her own pack and play, towels, clothes, etc....

It was a wonderful day and we're so thankful to have such amazing family and friends in our lives!


Recent Happenings

What's going on with our lives?  I feel like a lot actually.  Between trying to sell our house, building a new one and getting organized for this baby on the way we haven't had much free time lately!  I can't say I would change anything but it definitely seems like the days are flying by.

A few weeks ago Ryan and I met a decorator at the design center to start picking out everything for our new home.  We spent nearly three hours with them and barely picked out the kitchen and master bath details.  It was a little overwhelming at first but I'm really excited to see everything come together.  Ryan and I actually have pretty similar taste and while we like the traditional look we like to pull in things a little more contemporary as well. We may not have picked things that will fit everyone's taste but I think it will really look good.  Here's a sneak peak of the kitchen details....

We've also been busy lately trying to keep our house clean for any showings we may have when we're not home.  This is definitely a challenge with a black dog that is shedding like crazy right now but for the most part  we've managed to keep up with keeping it clean.  We  haven't had any offers yet but hopefully we'll see some movement here pretty soon.  I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up with keeping it clean!  I've been complaining lately on how much my it hurts my back to sweep and then mop and clean the wood floors.  I'm hoping he'll suggest we get a temporary maid but he hasn't quite picked up on my hint.  Either that or he's just ignoring me...

On the baby front we've been busy finalizing our registry.  Ryan's sisters have offered to host a shower and we're having it this Sunday!  They planned it on short notice so one of his sisters could be here since she will be in town and I'm glad it all worked out.  The invitations they sent out are super cute and I can't wait to see what they have put together and to see everyone...

Ryan's sister also brought with her two huge tubs with lots of baby gear and little boy clothes!  I'm pretty sure he is going to be the best dressed little baby in town.  My mom and I have also been stocking up on a few things as well.... :)

Lastly, we've been preparing for my brothers wedding which is only two months away.  A few other girls and I are hosting a shower for Courtney and I can't wait to post the details.  The invitations are so cute and I think she is going to love it all.  More to come on this...

Like I said, we have lots going on right now but I wouldn't change any of it!  Hope you're having a good week :)


20 Weeks!

Halfway there!  Hard to believe that in just a few short months we'll finally get to meet the newest member of our family :).  This week we have our big ultrasound and I'm anxious to see him again and make sure we have a healthy baby boy in there.  A few highlights of the past few weeks...
  • I think it's safe to say "I've popped!"  I'm no longer able to hide this growing belly of mine and mostly wearing maternity clothes.  I still have some tops that I'm wearing that are "flowy" and some dresses that I can pull off but most pants/shorts are now maternity.
  • Baby Rudy is kicking away! I felt him a few weeks ago for the first time but the kicks are getting much stronger now.  I can't see anything from the outside of my stomach but definitely on the inside.  It's such a crazy but great feeling.
  • Ryan and I had our first trip to Babies R Us to start taking a look at things we like/need, etc. It was obvious we were first time parents as we strolled down every aisle questioning what everything was for and how it works.  I think we spent about 15 minutes trying to open and close one stroller...  We somehow managed to pick out a few things and called it a successful day.
  • I've been looking at bedding and nursery furniture but we haven't been able to decide on anything.  As for a crib, I always thought I wanted white and Ryan is leaning more towards espresso.  We did find one we both really liked though and was a compromise for both of us.  I'm not sure we're going to go with it but it's in the running!

  • On another stop on our baby shopping day we came across a life size Benny.  Wouldn't this be cute in the nursery??  Haha, I don't think we'll need another black lab hanging out at our house (even if it is stuffed) but I had to snap a picture since we had so much fun playing with him.  

20 weeks :)


Wedding in MA

This past weekend my cousin David married his high school sweetheart in their hometown of Amherst, Massachusetts.  I haven't been up there in years and I was excited to be able to spend a long weekend there with our family.  We flew up bright and early Thursday morning and had the rehearsal dinner at a cute restaurant in town that night.  The wedding was on Friday but we had several hours to explore around the town during the day.  Our first stop was actually a pizza place called Antonio's.  Antonio's originated in Amherst and their second location was actually in College Station.  Extreme ends of the country, I know.  Anyways, Ryan and his roommates visited this pizza place more times than I can count when they were at A&M so of course we  had to try the original out.  We actually tried it out twice while we were there and it did not disappoint :)

Later that afternoon we got ready for the wedding and headed over to the church.  The best thing about this weekend was that it was cool which was a nice break for us Houstonians.  They actually had the stained glass windows open in the church which made for a nice breeze.

Ryan and I after the ceremony

My cousin Sarah and I outside the church

Beautiful cake at the reception 

I didn't get many pictures of the bride and groom but this is right when they were about to enter.  Her dress was actually her mom's that they had updated and altered which was really special. 

My Mom and I 

Cousins Katie, Sarah and I 

The  next day we had a post wedding breakfast at my aunts house and then another party that evening with all of the wedding guests.  We had a great weekend overall and loved seeing everyone.  I'm looking forward to catching up with all them in October when they are down in Texas for my brother's wedding!