20 Weeks!

Halfway there!  Hard to believe that in just a few short months we'll finally get to meet the newest member of our family :).  This week we have our big ultrasound and I'm anxious to see him again and make sure we have a healthy baby boy in there.  A few highlights of the past few weeks...
  • I think it's safe to say "I've popped!"  I'm no longer able to hide this growing belly of mine and mostly wearing maternity clothes.  I still have some tops that I'm wearing that are "flowy" and some dresses that I can pull off but most pants/shorts are now maternity.
  • Baby Rudy is kicking away! I felt him a few weeks ago for the first time but the kicks are getting much stronger now.  I can't see anything from the outside of my stomach but definitely on the inside.  It's such a crazy but great feeling.
  • Ryan and I had our first trip to Babies R Us to start taking a look at things we like/need, etc. It was obvious we were first time parents as we strolled down every aisle questioning what everything was for and how it works.  I think we spent about 15 minutes trying to open and close one stroller...  We somehow managed to pick out a few things and called it a successful day.
  • I've been looking at bedding and nursery furniture but we haven't been able to decide on anything.  As for a crib, I always thought I wanted white and Ryan is leaning more towards espresso.  We did find one we both really liked though and was a compromise for both of us.  I'm not sure we're going to go with it but it's in the running!

  • On another stop on our baby shopping day we came across a life size Benny.  Wouldn't this be cute in the nursery??  Haha, I don't think we'll need another black lab hanging out at our house (even if it is stuffed) but I had to snap a picture since we had so much fun playing with him.  

20 weeks :)


  1. You should check out Polkatot.com for bedding...they have lots of fabric that you can pick from & you can get it monogrammed. They do other things to match as well, like pillows and maybe even curtains, I'm not sure. If y'all have questions about any products or anything you can always ask me! We are almost a year and half in and Abbie was a very very difficult baby so I have tried ALOT of things!!! Hope you are having fun!!

  2. I love that crib! And it's a compromise for you and Ryno :) Espresso and white! Perfect.

    You look adorable and I definitely think you need the life size Benners

  3. you look great! i think that crib is the perfect combo of both of your preferences. :)


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