Family Pics

This past November we had family pictures taken and I am in love with every one of them! Honestly, I had really low expectations of how they would turn out with an almost one year old and almost three year old but they turned out great.  I was hoping to get some good individual shots of both boys at this age and not only did we get that, we got a few great ones of the two of them together and the four of us.  I'm truly grateful for the images that Kristie Mills captured of us at this stage in our lives :)


Christmas Recap

On Christmas Eve we headed to Ryan's parents house to celebrate with his side of the the family.  I always love this celebration since it includes 22 people total and there is never a quiet moment.  This little boy was especially excited about the big day :)
Henry & Grandpa
Super H!  
Opening presents... 
Ornament thief strikes again... :) 
We came home later that evening and tucked the boys in bed.  Santa got to work and set out a few things for the next morning.  Henry had asked Santa this year for trucks and even though he did not get a big truck at our house, he was pretty excited when he saw that he brought him a new blower and a weed eater :)
It was freezing that morning and wasn't even light out yet and Henry was ready to head out to work in the yard :)
Santa also brought a pretty cool jeep and trailer for Henry and a new swing and a lawn mower for Charlie. 

Charlie got a set of golf clubs which I think were his favorite gift.  He carries them around the house all the time.
I think we will officially have a lawn crew in a few years!
After opening presents we got dressed and headed over to Mimi & Pops for another fun day.  Santa also made a stop at their house and brought Henry an excavator.  Santa pulled through with a new truck!
Unfortunately, Santa forget to take the toys out of the box which required work for Pops and Dad... 
We were excited to spend the day with Ryan's new puppy, Riley!
Charlie got a new truck too!
Santa always brings the best stocking stuffers at Mimi and Pops :) 
Pops & Henry
Can't take your eyes off this one... 
Another big hit this year was play food.  Henry loves helping in the kitchen and now he has his own set of pots and pans.  
Charlie was also a big fan of this gift and loves chewing on all the food :)
Jumping up and down in excitement of Christmas!!
Uncle Ryan also pulled through with a pretty cool gift.  It was in about 100 pieces but once we got it together it was pretty fun.  
We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful day.  Gotta love this cute boy!
And lastly, a pic of the four of us.  We had so much fun celebrating Christmas this year and we are so blessed to be able to spend the time with our families.  


Happy New Year!

2014 was such a great year and I love going back and looking at pictures of all the memories we made.  It was a challenging year as we were trying to figure out life with two little boys while both of us worked full time but we survived.  Ryan and I both celebrated our 30th birthday this past year and Henry turned 3 and Charlie 1.  We also managed to take a few fabulous trips with friends and family.  I think my favorite memories though are the moments at home with our family and watching Charlie and Henry learn to play together.  I'm looking forward to a new year with this crew :)
Happy New Year!!