Hooray for Sleep!

We have big news around here... Charlie slept for 8 1/2 hours last night and we are all sooo happy!

He's been giving us longer stretches lately but last night he went down around 10 and woke up at 6:30.  We actually started his bedtime routine around 8:30 and it was finally 10 that we got him down for good. I'd prefer him to go to bed a little earlier but if it means sleeping through the night, I'll take it.

I actually feel a little silly because I switched him to a different swaddle last night and I wish I would have done this earlier.  The first time Henry slept through the night was with this swaddle and I'm not sure why it took me so long to use it on him.  I've been using a similar version but this one is fleece and I think it holds him in tighter and he's not able to get his hands free.

In other news, I took this picture of Charlie on the right and can't believe how similar it looks to Henry as a baby (on the left).  Henry was 10 weeks when the picture was taken and Charlie will be 8 weeks tomorrow.  I know they looked alike as babies but it's crazy when you actually put their pictures side by side!


30th Birthday Celebrations

Last Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I had the best week celebrating with family and friends. I received so many calls, texts and Facebook comments and truly appreciated them all.

On Wednesday night my parents kept the boys and Ryan and I were able to have an evening out and it was great to be able to relax and enjoy a nice meal together.  My parents also surprised us with a delicious bottle of wine at dinner which was also a nice treat :)

On Friday night we celebrated again at my parents house.  It was a fun evening with some of my favorites - family, steak, carrot cake and good wine :)

And the celebrations continued as we went out with friends on Saturday night.  We had dinner at Mi Cocina and then went out afterwards.  I'm so thankful for my friends and they really spoiled me that night with gifts.  We definitely can't hang with the bar scene like we used to but had a good time trying :)

Group shot of those still stuck in their 20's....

And those that have already joined the 30 club :)

Thanks to all for making me feel special on this big milestone.  I'm thinking my 30's are going to be some of the best years!


Big Brother Update

A lot of my posts recently have been centered around Charlie so it's only fair that I share an update on Henry.  It's hard to believe Henry is almost 26 months and boy is he acting like a two year old. He can be full of giggles one moment and having a major meltdown the next.  I know his world has completely changed these last few weeks which has a little something to do with it :)

For now I'll focus on the positives though... My mom put together a bag full of "busy bags" for Henry and we've been pulling these out quite a bit to keep him occupied.  This activity had him putting colored balls in buckets but he was more interested in throwing them and putting them in his mouth :)

I've said it before but this boy is all about his little brother.   We'll have to work on the fact that you only pet your dog on the head and not your little brother...

Henry is always in to something... The other day I caught him in the pantry trying to get formula down.  He doesn't care what it is but if he can reach it he will get it down.  He walks out of the pantry all the time with different seasonings that he likes to shake around.  I think it's time everything gets moved up another shelf...

He's really into cereal lately and is always asking for cheerios.  He wants to hold the spoon but prefers using his hands to eat.  Gotta love the bed head and no shirt for breakfast :)

Santa brought him some Pez in his stocking this year and he's obsessed.  He ran out so I think it's time Mimi stocked him up again... Also, the no pants/shirt is a theme around here lately :)

And lastly, a pic of Henry with his shark towel.  He loves this towel and always wants to look in the mirror when he's wearing it.  His vocabulary is also getting much better (finally!) and he's always repeating "shark" when he sees this.

I'll be sure to keep up with the big brother updates so he gets his fair share on the blog too!


Charlie at One Month...

Charles Davis... you are one month old!

A part of me feels like this past month has gone so fast and a part of me feels like you've been with us much longer than a month.  It's been somewhat of a blur the past few weeks with a newborn, the holidays, Henry catching the flu and just trying to figure out life as a family of four.  And while there hasn't been much sleep, I wouldn't change it for anything.

At your one month appointment you weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces and were 21 inches long.  You are definitely a growing boy and have mostly grown out of your newborn clothes and are wearing 0-3 months.  You are still in newborn diapers and I imagine will be for another few weeks.

You are not on any type of schedule yet and basically eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired.  You've had some tummy issues and we are still trying to get that all sorted out.  I stopped nursing you on Christmas Day when you were at three weeks.  I really hated to give this up so early but you seemed to be in pain and would arch your back and scream.  Henry had this same issue and we ended up putting him on soy formula so we tried the same with you.  While this seemed to help some, you still are having issues and are clearly still in pain.  You are grunting and your tummy clamp ups.  Your pediatrician suggested another formula so we're hoping that does the trick.  We've spent quite a bit of time holding and bouncing you at all hours of the day to help you calm down and feel better.  You take 2-3 ounces of formula every hour to three hours and at night usually give us a long stretch at first of about 3-4 hours.  You normally wake up around 12, 3 and then 6 to eat but a lot of times we are up in between feedings to help soothe you back to sleep.  You are also still sleeping in the pack n play in our room but will likely move upstairs to your crib soon.

We had a busy couple of weeks around the holidays but I was thankful to be able to spend some days home alone with you before the hustle and bustle.  We snuggled on the couch in our pjs, watched Christmas movies and wrapped presents together.

You love sleeping in your seat just like your brother did.  The only issue is that when the vibration stops you tend to wake up so we have to make sure we are always restarting it. 

We took your newborn pictures when you were 10 days old and they turned out great!  You had a hard time falling asleep for the pictures and your brother didn't want to cooperate all that much but we still managed to get some great shots.

Your brother is crazy about you.  He's always saying your name and pointing at you, bringing you a blanket, patting your back and even helps hold your bottle.  He also constantly asks to hold you on the couch.  I know you two will be great buds when you're older.

We celebrated your first Christmas this past month and while you had some tummy issues, we still had a great day.

I absolutely love catching you smile, especially during the middle of the night which makes getting up a little easier :)

Your favorite place to fall asleep is in our arms.  I know at some point you won't do this so I'm making sure to get all the snuggles in that I can.

You dressed in maroon and crimson this month to cheer on the Aggies and Sooners and both teams won.  I'm convinced you are going to be more of an OU fan than your brother but we'll see :)

We've had quite a few cold days for Houston which is fine by me since we've been able to stay warm and cozy inside :)

You are starting to be more alert during the day and I love watching you look around.  I know soon you'll be making smiles when you look at us!

I had to include this pic of your sweet little baby feet...

Charlie - you have been the best addition to our family and we're so excited to watch you grow and learn your personality.  Love you Charlie boy!!


Happy New Year!

2013 has been such a great year and I love going back and looking at some of my favorite photos from the year.  We found out we were pregnant again with another boy, were able to take several trips, celebrated Henry's 2nd birthday and welcomed Charlie to our family in December.  We made so many memories and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us as a family of four!

Happy New Year!