Big Brother Update

A lot of my posts recently have been centered around Charlie so it's only fair that I share an update on Henry.  It's hard to believe Henry is almost 26 months and boy is he acting like a two year old. He can be full of giggles one moment and having a major meltdown the next.  I know his world has completely changed these last few weeks which has a little something to do with it :)

For now I'll focus on the positives though... My mom put together a bag full of "busy bags" for Henry and we've been pulling these out quite a bit to keep him occupied.  This activity had him putting colored balls in buckets but he was more interested in throwing them and putting them in his mouth :)

I've said it before but this boy is all about his little brother.   We'll have to work on the fact that you only pet your dog on the head and not your little brother...

Henry is always in to something... The other day I caught him in the pantry trying to get formula down.  He doesn't care what it is but if he can reach it he will get it down.  He walks out of the pantry all the time with different seasonings that he likes to shake around.  I think it's time everything gets moved up another shelf...

He's really into cereal lately and is always asking for cheerios.  He wants to hold the spoon but prefers using his hands to eat.  Gotta love the bed head and no shirt for breakfast :)

Santa brought him some Pez in his stocking this year and he's obsessed.  He ran out so I think it's time Mimi stocked him up again... Also, the no pants/shirt is a theme around here lately :)

And lastly, a pic of Henry with his shark towel.  He loves this towel and always wants to look in the mirror when he's wearing it.  His vocabulary is also getting much better (finally!) and he's always repeating "shark" when he sees this.

I'll be sure to keep up with the big brother updates so he gets his fair share on the blog too!

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