Happy Henry

This boy sure knows how to brighten my day :) 


Back to School, Part III

I never imagined I would be writing a third part to this series but it's true, Ryan is officially a student again and is BACK TO SCHOOL.  I wrote about Ryan starting his MBA program back in 2009 and then again when he started his second year.  Ryan is now going back to take more accounting courses so he can be eligible to take the CPA exam.  He actually took 12 hours this summer, will take 9 this Fall and will have 6 more hours in the Spring.  Once that is done he will then start studying for the first of four tests for the CPA.  Basically, we're looking at another year and a half or so of school/study time.  You can tell I'm thrilled, right?? :)

Ryan will be gone several nights a week for class and it will just be me, Henry and Bennett.  When Ryan went to school last time I wrote how I was going to have so much free time.  I'm not so sure that's the case this time around.  We've got a little boy that is on the move so there won't be much downtime for this mom.  I'm not complaining though.  I don't mind the extra one-on-one time with my boys but I just may need a big glass of wine once Henry has gone to bed. :)  

It's been a long journey (and not over yet) but one that will be worth it when he's done.  You better believe we're gonna have a big party to celebrate!  


Nine Months...

Henry Ryan.... you are nine months old!

You have changed so much this past month and I think this first picture says it all.  You are on the move!  You are all boy and can't seem to ever sit still.  Our monthly pictures are practically impossible.  You nearly fell off the chair head first so I decided I couldn't attempt to take these anymore without another set of hands nearby.

You are 21 pounds and wearing 12 months clothes.  You are still in size 3 diapers but have worn size 4 as well.   You are taking 4-5 bottles a day and eat baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I try to feed you what we are eating as much as possible and you seem to enjoy most all of it.  Still no teeth yet but I'm thinking soon!

Your new favorite toy is your golf club and you can't seem to get enough of it.  I had a hard time taking your picture without it because you cry and cry if you're not allowed to have it.  Thanks Mimi :)

You are officially a crawler!  It was really this past week where you would crawl a little and then go back to your belly for an army crawl.  Just two days shy of 9 months you were crawling nonstop.  We're in trouble now!

You are pulling up on everything you can and I have a feeling you'll be standing on your own before long.  You have pretty good balance but every now and then you take a tumble.

You have started crying if your Dad or I leave the room which makes things a little challenging.  We hate to hear you cry but we can't be by your side at all times.

You have moved up to the next room at school and you love it.  There are so many things you can climb on and new kids to look at.  You love to paint and have brought home some beautiful pictures :)

We are still struggling with taking naps and you now want to go down earlier at night.  We've been putting you down between 7:30 and 8 pm and you are actually sleeping longer than you used to.  I have to wake you up during the week and you sleep in until 6:45 or so on the weekends.  We are so thankful!

This has been such an exciting month full of changes.  Can't wait to see what the next month has to hold!

Happy nine months silly boy!


A few of my favorite things...

I have so many favorite moments with my sweet little boy but there are a few that I don't want to forget from this stage in our lives...
  • Giving Henry his morning bottle.  I love that he snuggles up against me, holding my fingers or clinging on to my robe. 
  • I love the way Henry giggles.  I don't think Ryan or I have laughed or smiled so much before Henry came along.  
  • I love our evening walks with Henry and Benny.  
  • I love the way Henry says dada.  I can't wait until he says mama but I love the way he just babbles this word over and over. 
  • And lastly, I love the way he smiles and flaps his arms up and down when I walk in the room to pick him up from daycare.  
Henry and I - 8 Months Old