Favorite Expressions

Henry, I love your happy face and the grin you get when you're playing with Benny... 

I love the curious look on your face when you point your finger and say, "Dat"...

I love the relaxed look on your face when you actually sit still for a moment...

I love your excited face when you pump your arms up and down and straighten your legs...

Henry, I love you and your sweet expressions.  Every day is a new look, sound or gesture.  I am loving this time with you but I have one request.  Please stop growing up so fast.  Thanks, Mom :)


Weekend in Pics

We had a great three day weekend and the weather here was awesome.  This is the best time of year for Houston and we definitely spent a lot of time outside.  Before long it will be too hot!

Our neighbors heated up their pool and graciously offered us to come over and swim.  Henry was a little nervous at first but once he was in he didn't want to get out!  It makes me excited for this summer but also exhausts me with just thinking about it.... I can't take my eye off that little boy!

Henry crashed that afternoon after swimming and I had to snap a pic.  Does it get any cuter than this?!?

Henry woke up in the best mood this morning and we had so much fun playing in his room before Dad woke up.  I couldn't help but think of the Ninja turtles when he made this pose in those pajamas.  Turtle Power!

We met our good friends at one of our favorite restaurants for a little St. Patty's day brunch.  We didn't drink green beer but we enjoyed a few delicious mimosas :)

Have a good week!


Nicole's Baby Shower

This past Sunday a few girls and I hosted a baby shower for our dear friend Nicole.  Nicole is expecting a baby girl this May and we had so much fun planning this shower.  Alison's friend from MF Creative Designs designed the invitation and all the matching paper products which really set the theme of the party.  We were going for a vintage feel and I think we pulled it off.  We asked all guests to bring a book instead of a card which was a great way for Nicole to stock her bookcase with fun reading material for her and her sweet little girl.

We decorated the house with small potted plants, vintage books and pink fabric banners.  

 We showcased a few baby pictures of the future parents to add a little personal touch :)  

We kept the food fairly simple since it was a 2 o'clock shower and served mini quiches, fruit salad, and a cheese ball.  For dessert we picked up Lemon Tarts from La Madeline and Bunditnis from Nothing Bundt Cakes which are always a hit!

We served peach tea and a white strawberry sangria that seemed to disappear rather quickly... :)

  We played a game where each guest received an ice cube in their drink that had a frozen baby in it.  The first person to have their baby melt had to say, "My water broke!" 

We also played another game where guests were each given a piece of paper where they had to finish the nursery rhyme.  We thought many of the moms would have gotten them all quickly but we managed to stump everyone!  

And now for a few pictures of the pretty Momma to be :) 
Nicole with her mom and two sisters...

Nicole with all the hostesses...

Time for presents!

It was such a fun day and I'm so glad we could shower Nicole and her sweet baby girl.  Can't wait to meet her this May!!