Scenes from our Weekend

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and we spent a ton of time outside!  We had Friday off and this cutie decided to do a little yard work :)

We also spent some time at the park.  Henry loves the swing but he's definitely not so sure about the slide yet!

On Saturday I went to a bridal shower for a good friend of mine from high school.  It was great to see her and we're looking forward to the wedding. That night Ryan and I went out on a date to celebrate my bday.  A great way to end the day!

Sunday was a lazy day hanging out around the house.  I had to snap a pic with my boy in our matching neon shirts :)

Is it Friday yet?!?


And We're Off!

Henry has finally started to walk and is getting more and more confident every day!  Ryan and I witnessed his first steps on January 3rd which put him at about 13 1/2 months.  All of his buddies in daycare have started to walk and I think all he needed was a little friendly competition so he could keep up with them.  He is getting more comfortable standing and is taking more and more steps each day.

Yesterday he even walked around in the grass which is a big deal considering how much he hated it a few months ago!

He loves to play with Benny and throwing the ball to him seems to be a new fave :)


Rudy Rivalry

This past Friday night OU played A&M in the Cotton Bowl and we had a little rivalry in the Rudy household.  I didn't think we would have this match up anymore since A&M joined the SEC but it was fun to be able to play this game again.  A lot of our friends joked about what color Henry was going to be wearing but to be fair we dressed him in an OU shirt and put an A&M jacket over it.

We had a great time with our friends cheering on our teams but the Aggies pulled out a big win.  And Henry has been wearing maroon ever since....