Henry's Baptism

Henry was baptized last Sunday and it was such a memorable day.  The service was at 11 am and we were so thankful most of our family and friends were able to attend.  Henry did a great job up front and never cried or made a peep.  He was a little shy when the Pastor picked him up but who wouldn't be in such of a big crowd!

After the service we headed back to our house for lunch and I've posted a few pictures below of the cute decor.  I have to give my Mom credit since she is responsible for most of this!

We had an assortment of cupcakes for dessert that all had cute toppers on them.

Henry had his own banner :)

We had flowers out with lots of pinwheels placed in them.  Thanks again to my mom for putting the pinwheels together!

We snapped a few family pictures outside to document this day.  Henry is wearing the outfit Ryan was baptized in which is so special to us.

A picture of four different generations.

Great girlfriends :)

We served pulled pork sandwiches, hash brown potatoes, cole slaw and a fruit salad.  It was quite the spread and very delicious!

Thankful to have a few of Henry's great grandparents in attendance as well.  

Henry also received lots of sweet cards and gifts.

Can't wait for these girls to be mommas!

Henry crashed after such an exciting day :)

And one more family picture...

We are so happy and blessed to have shared this special day with everyone we love! 


Sweet Moments

I love that this little boy is almost sitting up and I love that Daddy's hands are ready to catch him :)


Five Months...

Henry Ryan.... you are five months old!  

This has been such a fun month and your personality is really shining.  You love to smile and coo when people talk to you and you are generally very happy.  You are growing so much and weigh 16 lbs, 5 oz and are 26 inches long.  You are in the 50th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for length.   You fit into some 3-6 month clothes but mostly are wearing 6 month and even some 9 month outfits.  You are in size 2 diapers but only because I need to finish what we have left.  You will always be my baby but every time I see a picture of you I can't help but think what a big boy you are becoming!  

You are eating 6 ounces every 3-4 hours and we have just started you on rice cereal.   I received the green light from your pediatrician to give you veggies and fruits so we are about to venture into this new experience. 

You love to be outside and enjoy looking at everything around you.  We try to get out every evening for a walk and you love wearing your cool shades.  

We have dipped your toes in my parents pool a few times and I can't wait for the water to warm up so we can go for our first swim this summer.  

You are sleeping through the night and we are SO thankful for that!  We start your bedtime routine between 7:30 and 8 and give you a bath before your bottle.  You love your bath time and always have the cutest smiles.    

You have recently discovered your toes and love to have your feet up high in the air while holding on to them. You are still not rolling over but you are so close!  

You are really enjoying time on your tummy and love to squeal and laugh.

You are really starting to grab for things and love to put them in your mouth.  Whenever you are napping or hanging out on the floor you want to have something in your hands.  Your latest favorite is your new bunny but a soft lovey will also do the trick.

Looking forward to what this next month has to hold!

Happy five months Henry!


Easter Pictures

We snapped a few pictures before church yesterday and I wanted to share.  Henry attended his first Easter service and did so well.  He was a little chatter box though during the sermon and Ryan had to walk out with him for a bit :).

So blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives!


Happy Easter!

This little cutie had a basket full of goodies this morning (thanks to Mimi!) and we're off to church this Easter Sunday.  We've had a wonderful weekend so far with family which included dying eggs, attending a fish fry and Henry's first egg hunt.  Obviously, Henry couldn't hunt but his Dad did find the golden egg for him :)

Hope everyone enjoys this special day!


Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend we had a great time with family and friends and enjoyed this beautiful weather!  On Saturday we drove up to College Station with Aaron & Nicole and Henry experienced his first Aggie baseball game.  You can tell he was so enthusiastic.  I'm sure he would have preferred to cheer on the Sooners :).  Regardless, we had a fun time and he was quite the trooper.  It was pretty warm that afternoon but we took turns holding him in the shade while he slept.

On the way home we randomly decided to stop at a winery.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we thought it would be fun to have a tasting and enjoy a glass of wine outside.  It was Henry's first trip at a winery and he made a few admirers.  He slept through most of it but when he woke up he was his cute smiley self for all the other customers.  
On Sunday we celebrated my Dad's birthday and went to lunch at one of our favorite spots.  My mom and I also did some shopping while the boys watched golf that afternoon.    
It was definitely a fun weekend and we're enjoying all of Henry's firsts :)