Coastal California

A few weeks ago I went on a girls trip to California with my Grandmother, two aunts, cousin and my mom.  We started in Los Angeles and made our way up the cost.  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time driving along Highway 1, browsing through local shops, eating delicious foods and of course making a few winery stops.

Our first stop was in Santa Barbara for two nights.  We stayed at the Eagle Inn which was a great family-owned hotel that offered a fabulous breakfast every morning.  
A shot of the whole crew....

Beautiful winery in Paso Robles...
A stop along Highway 1 to check out all the elephant seals...

Breathtaking views...

Pic on the beach with my Mom in Carmel...

It was a great trip and nice to be with the women in our family for a week.  Lots of good memories were had!


Life Lately

This post is more of a photo dump of what's been going on with our lives lately.  I'm always snapping pictures with my phone and rarely take the time to post them.  I'm trying to do a better job of using my camera but the reality is the phone is so convenient and normally close by me.  Hope you enjoy the snapshots below :)

Ryan and I attended a wedding of a good friend from high school a few weeks and had a blast.  We haven't stayed out that late in a long time but it was worth it!  

Henry is really loving Benny and is always climbing on him, hugging him, petting him, etc.  Benny does pretty well with this but occasionally he's giving me the "Mom, help me" look.  

Such a boy.... We've got our hands full with this one!

Last Saturday I was getting ready and I walked out of the room for a few minutes.  When I came back Henry had taken everything out of the cabinet and climbed in.  Of course he thought it was hilarious!

I attended Nicole's baby shower last weekend and loved seeing her and her cute bump.  Can't wait to meet Ms. Alexandra!

That same afternoon we went to a park opening in my parents neighborhood   They had a splash pad and Henry was the first one to play in it!  Next time we'll be prepared with our swimsuit :) 

And we're officially obsessed with climbing in cabinets.  He's such a little ham and knows how to get a laugh out of us!

Poor Benny.  Thankful this dog is so patient with this crazy toddler!

That's it for now.  Enjoy your Saturday!


Easter Weekend

We had a jam packed weekend which included three egg hunts, a day at the farm, brunch, a terrifying run in with the Easter bunny, egg dying and a relaxing Easter Sunday at church and then a delicious lunch.

Thursday kicked off the festivities with an egg hunt at school.  I went up there and watched Henry hunt, err throw, easter eggs.  We only came home with one egg in our basket but a good time was had by all :)

 On Friday we went up to Ryan's parents farm and we had a great day.  Henry was introduced to a bubble machine which was definitely a hit.

The girls did a little antiquing that afternoon and when we came back we learned that Henry had no plans to take a nap and only wanted to ride the gator.  To say he loved that thing was an understatement.  He also insisted he sit in his own seat with a seat belt.  When did my boy get so big?!? He cried and cried when it was time to get off and and eventually we had to hide it from his sight.

Henry's no dummy.  The Barbie car is clearly not as cool as the gator....

On Saturday we dressed Henry up in the cutest smocked Easter outfit and headed to brunch with my family.

We took our picture with the Easter Bunny which didn't go so well.  Can you blame him?  The bunny does look a little creepy.... Maybe next year!

 While we waited for our third egg hunt of the weekend we decided to play in the tub of bubbles.

That afternoon the boys went and played golf and we stayed back and dyed eggs.

Henry loved this and enjoyed it more than we thought he would.  He only managed to spill one cup so I'd call that a success!

On Sunday we all dressed up in our Easter best and headed to church.  Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at my parents house and then came home to relax.  It was such a fun weekend but we were ready to hang out on the couch for a little while!