Wedding in MA

This past weekend my cousin David married his high school sweetheart in their hometown of Amherst, Massachusetts.  I haven't been up there in years and I was excited to be able to spend a long weekend there with our family.  We flew up bright and early Thursday morning and had the rehearsal dinner at a cute restaurant in town that night.  The wedding was on Friday but we had several hours to explore around the town during the day.  Our first stop was actually a pizza place called Antonio's.  Antonio's originated in Amherst and their second location was actually in College Station.  Extreme ends of the country, I know.  Anyways, Ryan and his roommates visited this pizza place more times than I can count when they were at A&M so of course we  had to try the original out.  We actually tried it out twice while we were there and it did not disappoint :)

Later that afternoon we got ready for the wedding and headed over to the church.  The best thing about this weekend was that it was cool which was a nice break for us Houstonians.  They actually had the stained glass windows open in the church which made for a nice breeze.

Ryan and I after the ceremony

My cousin Sarah and I outside the church

Beautiful cake at the reception 

I didn't get many pictures of the bride and groom but this is right when they were about to enter.  Her dress was actually her mom's that they had updated and altered which was really special. 

My Mom and I 

Cousins Katie, Sarah and I 

The  next day we had a post wedding breakfast at my aunts house and then another party that evening with all of the wedding guests.  We had a great weekend overall and loved seeing everyone.  I'm looking forward to catching up with all them in October when they are down in Texas for my brother's wedding!

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