It's A .....


We had a fun surprise yesterday and found out the gender earlier than expected.  I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning and Ryan didn't come with me since it was just a regular check-up and we didn't think he would need to be there.  When I was talking to my doctor she asked if we knew what the gender was yet.  I told her no but that we were planning on finding out.  She asked if I wanted to find out.  Again, I said we were planning on knowing the gender but our ultrasound wasn't scheduled for three more weeks.  She then said, "No, do you want to find out today?"  I think I looked at her a little confused and said something along the lines of, YES!  The only problem was that Ryan wasn't there.  In the end I couldn't turn down an ultrasound since we haven't had a peak since I was 8 1/2 weeks along.  We decided that she would see if she could see anything and if so, she'd make me close my eyes and would print off a few pictures for us.  I got to see the sweet little face and then I shut me eyes as she said she was able to tell the gender.  Next thing I know she is handing me a sealed envelope that included two pictures with notes written on them and gave me a hug.

As soon as I left I called Ryan and told him I was picking him up for lunch and that I had a a fun surprise for him.  Luckily Ryan and I work together because there was no way I could have waited until the end of the day.  We drove to a nearby restaurant and opened up the envelope in the parking lot.  Sure enough, the pictures confirmed that it was a boy!

We couldn't stop smiling and walked right away to a Baby Gap that was nearby.  We picked up our first blue outfit and took a picture so we could send a text to all our family and friends to spread the exciting news.

Now, let the shopping and planning begin :)


  1. Congratulations, Lauren!! So fun for you guys!

  2. Can't wait to spoil baby Rudy! So excited for you all!

  3. Lauren!! Congrats to you two...or should I say three :). I haven't been on my blog in a while and just got all caught up on your exciting "new" life. You two are going to make amazing parents! Good luck with everything! Stroller recommendation for you would be a BOB...since you enjoy running. I saw that you received sophie the giraffe...you will love her and so will baby boy.

  4. You obviously know I have a special place in my heart for all of these baby boys! Congrats, so fun.


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