That's right folks.  Not only will Ryan and I be having a baby this year but we'll also be building our new home!  We can handle it all.... right??

This past Friday Ryan and I signed a contract to build a new home out in the suburbs.  We've been city folks ever since we've been married and absolutely loved our house and time we've spent in town.  However, now that a baby is on the way our priorities have shifted and we're looking for a house closer to where we work and with a little more space.  We are the weirdos that actually work in the suburbs and have been driving out of town these past couple of years to the office.  We're about to take our commute to 35+ minutes to about 10 minutes and we couldn't be more excited.

The only issue is that the house won't be done until January and the baby is due in November.... I'm hoping by that point we'll have sold our house and will be living in a rental which should be interesting but hopefully manageable.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Anyways, Ryan and I are thrilled about our decision and looking forward to this new chapter in our lives!


  1. Ahhhh!! Could not be more excited for you two! You're going to have so much fun planning baby and house :) And I kind of love that you will be closer to me too!

    Love the pic! I'm sad that we never got one like that but I was *this* close to jacking our Darling "Sold" sign and having it for a keepsake....

  2. Yay for the sold house and the new baby!! So where are you going to move next? Planning to buy a new home isn't that easy. But once you get the house of your dreams, you've got nothing to worry about. Keep safe!


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