Big Brother Update

Henry seems to be changing so much lately and really turning into a little boy.  He's two years and three months right now and at such a fun age.  While this is a fun age since he's talking so much more and showing expression, it's also an age full of meltdowns.  I think that just comes with the territory of being two...

He is big enough to climb the playground equipment and slide down all by himself.  This makes me nervous but of course he loves it!

Have I mentioned he loves to grill and eat hot dogs?? ;)  

He has found a new obsession lately which is the movie Cars.  We have a love/hate relationship with this movie.  It's great right now because it guarantees that he will sit there for two hours watching this which is awesome when you have a newborn and a husband that is studying for his last CPA test.  The bad part is that he wants to watch this movie ALL.THE.TIME.  He asks to watch this first thing when he wakes up and wants to watch at night before bed.  Which of course ends up in a meltdown when it doesn't go his way.  I do think we're going to limit his tv watching soon but for now we're still in survival mode with the baby...

He has even gotten his little brother to watch the movie with him :) 

Sleep has been another hot topic around our house.  Henry seems to go down easy for his naps at school but we've had issues with him taking a nap at home.  He definitely still needs a few hours of sleep during the day but tends to fight it with us.  Same goes for bedtime.  The other issue is that he has been waking up much earlier than normal.  He was sleeping till 7 (which is late for him) but has lately been waking up between 5 and 6 am.  We're hoping this is just a phase as we finally have Charlie sleeping well and now we're getting up with Henry.

Henry sure can be sweet in the mornings though.  He still loves to snuggle right when he wakes up and watch cartoons.  

One morning he insisted on Charlie sitting next to him to watch cartoons :)  

Henry had a valentine's party at school and he was so sweet.  He actually wouldn't let me put him down when I got there and we ended up sitting at our own table instead of with the rest of the kids. He was so excited I was there and kept telling everyone I was his Mama :)

Henry loves all types of trucks and cars.  He loves to play with them and is always pointing them out when we are driving.  He is always carrying matchbox cars with him and has to pick a certain truck each night to sleep in bed with him.  Have I mentioned how much he loves cars and trucks?? If you add in dirt he is even more happy :)

And lastly, I have to include another picture of him and Charlie.  He loves to be near his brother and is always asking where he is.  He really has done great with this transition and I know they are going to be best friends as they get older!

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