Benny Love

Benny has been such a good dog lately and is so sweet around Henry.  Every night when I go to give Henry a bottle Bennett follows me and lays right next to the glider.  I can already tell he is protective of Henry and I can't wait until Henry is older because I know they are going to be best friends.  I have captured a few shots this past week and I had to share.

Benny loves laying under Henry's crib.  I think he mostly likes sleeping with something over his head but I love that he naps under there while we are in the room :)

Every morning during tummy time Bennett lays right by us.  Some days he tries to lick Henry but mostly he just watches :)

I caught Bennett on Henry's mat the other day.  I promise I washed this afterwards but I had to snap a quick pic.

Tummy time love :)

Napping on Henry's dirty clothes...

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  1. Sweet Benny! He needs a playmate :) Baby and puppy?? You can do it!


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