Playing with Paper

This past Friday we went to the pediatrician for Henry's well visit and shots.  He was in such a good mood and had a great time waiting on the doctor to come in.    

He was having fun playing with Sophie and then quickly discovered he could crunch up the paper he was sitting on...

And then he discovered that he could rip it.  And it made such a cool sound!

"Hey Mom, can we get this at home? It's pretty fun."

And of course he had to taste it...

And then the paper was destroyed.  It's a good thing the Dr. had a sense of humor.  I'm also pretty sure he wasn't the first baby to do that....  

Oh the joy of being a seven month old and discovering new things everyday :)

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  1. Ha he's having the best time! Such an easy going little guy. That will be a pretty cheap birthday present for him too :)


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