1st Annual Christmas Dinner

This past Sunday night we had our 1st Annual Christmas dinner with all of our best friends. In the past we have all gone out to eat during the Holidays to celebrate this festive time of year but now that we all have homes we decided that we would take turns hosting this dinner. Ryan and I decided that we would start it off and have it at our house this year. I will admit that I was a little nervous to prepare and cook a meal for two of my best friends (who happen to be fabulous cooks) but overall I think everything turned out pretty well. During the week leading up to our dinner I could not decide on a menu and while I was debating over several options one night Ryan says, "Why can't we just go out to eat, it seems to be a lot easier." Hmm after that comment I was determined to make this meal and make it good.

Of course I first went to my mother and asked her advice on something to cook that I couldn't screw up terribly. We decided on a pork tenderloin as I could make the marinade the day before and let it soak up all the yummy juices over night. I also made one of Ryan's favorites sides, Picnic Potatoes, and Alison brought over a salad and Nicole brought over bread and asparagus. The menu turned out perfect!

All the girls before dinner

Ryan and I in front of our tree :)

Ali B in the kitchen

Nicole & Aaron

And the master griller!

The table before we ate. We had to comprise with the chairs as I foolishly only bought 4 at the time of the purchase :(

Nicky T and Mark dishing up their food

Alison & Nicole in the "high" chairs

Alison & Mark

After we ate dinner we pulled out the games and played an intense game of Mad Gab. We played Boys vs. Girls and unfortunately for the girls, the boys pulled out the win.

Meanwhile, Tyler spent time relaxing on the couch :)

One more action shot during the game.

Overall the food was super yummy but the company was even better. We're looking forward to keeping up with this tradition for years to come!


  1. You are way too funny about cooking for the best cooks you know! HA you had nothing to worry about! The food was delicious and I didn't even mind sitting in my high chair :)

    Love all the cute pics! The action shots are hilarious!

  2. That sounds like such a fun night! I love playing board games with friends


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