Busy week!

This past Sunday we attended two Christmas parties/dinners with our families. We had lunch with Ryan's Mother's side (if that makes sense) and had a total of 30 adults and about 20 children ranging from 3 months to nearly 14 years old. It was definitely a house full but it was still really nice to see everyone and catch up.

After lunch we headed over to my parents house to have dinner with the six of us. My brother and his fiancee will not be in town on Christmas day so we wanted to all get together to celebrate. It was obviously a much smaller group but we still had just as much fun. I did manage to take some pics this time though...

Unfortunately, Ryan had to work yesterday and today but I had enough vacation where I could take a few days off. I enjoyed a quiet morning yesterday around the house and then went to the Nutcracker that afternoon with Ryan's mom, sisters and all of their daughters. We had 11 of us total and we had a blast! It was definitely a fun girls outing and I hope we can continue this tradition in the future.

Next on the list is baking cinnamon rolls with my Mom today. My grandmother makes fabulous homemade cinnamon rolls and last year was the first time she asked us to make them. I've always wanted to learn and she "assisted" my mother and I last year. This is the first year we've attempted them all on our own so we'll see how they come out!

So far this has been a busy week and we have many more parties/gatherings to attend but I wouldn't change it for anything!

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