39 Weeks

In case you're wondering, I'm still pregnant and this baby is content hanging out in my belly.  Being 39 weeks pregnant is rough and I definitely don't remember feeling like this with Henry at this point.  My body aches, I can't sleep, I'm having contractions and feeling lots of pressure down there.  I know he will come when he is ready and I'm trying to have patience and just be thankful that he is safe and has made it full term.  When I went to the doctor last week I was actually 3 cm dilated and he was positioned pretty far down.  She wasn't sure I would make it to December but here I am :)  The plan is to actually induce later this week if he hasn't come by then so hopefully he'll be making his big arrival soon.  I'm off from work at this point and it's nice to be able to get some last minute things done and be able to rest.  I know it's going to be pretty crazy in our house real soon!

And lastly, here's a few pics and commentary from Henry at our 39 week photoshoot...  :)

"My brother is coming in less than a week?!?"

"He is in Mama's belly?? I'm so confused..."

"But she is my Mama... I don't want to share her..."

 "I can have a snack if I smile??... Oh, OK!" 

Hopefully my next pregnancy update will be announcing the arrival of our latest addition.  Prayers for a healthy and safe delivery are much appreciated!

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  1. I just can't believe that no one has yet commented on these ADORABLE pics!!! They really are TOO CUTE and WOW,what a NICE baby belly you had at 39 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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