Henry's Big Boy Room

Henry has been in his big boy room a couple of months now and I've been meaning to post pictures but just now have gotten around to it.  I still want to add a few things here and there but overall, I love how it turned out.  We used soft blues in the nursery and I knew I wanted to use bolder colors in here.  Henry seems to love this space and so far it has proved to be functional and cute.  He loves to write on his chalkboard and is constantly pulling books and toys off the shelves and from his basket.  It doesn't look clean all that often so I had to take advantage yesterday when it was and snap a few pictures!

Bed & Dresser - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Bedding - Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Rug - West Elm 
Chalkboard & Pinboard - Pottery Barn
Basket - Pottery  Barn
4 Wall Panels - Twelve Timbers
Numbers Pouf - Land of Nod 
Growth Chart - Made by Dad
Henry Sign - Made by my Mom 


  1. Henry, we love your new room! You are such a big boy and your mom is quite a good decorator ;)

  2. It looks great!!! I also love the book, Henri's Walk to Paris! ;)


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