Breakfast with Santa

This past Saturday morning we went to Breakfast with Santa with my parents at their neighborhood clubhouse. My parents took us last year and it's a fun tradition I look forward to continuing.  I was a little worried about us getting dressed and out the door before 9 am but somehow we managed and even had time to snap a few pics by the tree :)

Charlie stayed in his car seat most of the time but we did get a pic of Henry with my parents while waiting in line to see Santa.

Henry did not do well on Santa's lap last year and this year proved to be the same.  Henry wouldn't even let go of Ryan so instead of Henry sitting on Santa's lap Ryan got to sit in the chair.  Santa was sneaky though and stood behind the chair so Henry wouldn't even know he was in the pic.

We didn't get the crying on Santa's lap picture this year but I love this pic as well.  Henry clearly looks thrilled :)

And one pic of our family of four!

They even had a reindeer outside that Henry loved!  He wasn't crazy about leaving but we decided it was time since he kept trying to stick his hand in the cage :/

It was a great morning and hopefully next year we'll get a pic of both boys on Santa's lap with smiles.  Wishful thinking, I know :)

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  1. SO hilarious. I love it! Henry will definitely be jumping up on his lap next year... and I'm sure Charlie will be right behind him. :)


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