Charlie's Birth Story

I love that I documented Henry's birth story and want to do the same for Charlie.  The two experiences couldn't be more different and I really believe it is just Charlie's way of letting us know that while he is going to have many similarities as his big brother, he will have many differences and will shine in his own way. 

As background info, I was induced with Henry a few days before his actual due date and we had always planned to do the same with Charlie.  I had a great experience with this and was hoping for the same this time around.  At my 38 week appointment, I was 3 cm dilated and my doctor was comfortable with scheduling the elective induction if that is what we wanted to do.  We had set the date for Wednesday, December 4th knowing that even though we were scheduled at the hospital, there was always a chance it could get pushed back if they were full with other deliveries during that time.

The week prior to the December 4th date I had been having contractions but nothing too painful.  I was not sleeping well and know that I really wasn't that pleasant to be around during that time.  I was anxious, sleep-deprived and overall, not feeling that great.  I was off work that Monday and Tuesday and ran last minute errands and got some things ready around the house. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon, I started having contractions that were more intense than they had been previously and I started timing them. At this point they were around 10 minutes apart and while I knew that was not frequent enough to go in, I started being more alert.  I continued having them over the next couple of hours and they started to be closer to 5 minutes apart.  We put Henry to bed that night and put my parents on alert.  It was around 8 pm that they picked up to 3 minutes apart and this is when we decided to go in.  I hadn't been to the doctor in a week and I wasn't sure if I had dilated further.  Thankfully our bags were packed since we were hoping to go in the next morning for the induction so we got out of the house pretty quick.  When we got there they sent us to the triage to be monitored.  I had not dilated any further but I was still having contractions.  She wanted to keep us there awhile to see if I progressed and while I continued having contractions, I did not dilate any further. She actually had us walk around the hospital for an hour to see if this would help speed things up but unfortunately, it did not.  The nurse contemplated admitting us since we were hoping to be back early the next morning for the induction but ended up sending us home around 1:45 am.  We were supposed to call that morning at 5 am to see if they could get us in for the induction but the nurse suggested we just sleep and call when we woke up.  She also told us the hospital was really full and had not even been able to do the elective inductions from the day before.  We weren't leaving with high hopes of getting in later that day and unfortunately when I called, they did not have room for us and told us to call back the next morning at 5 am.  I was pretty disappointed but tried to remain positive. Ryan ended up going in to work later that morning and I tried to get some rest at home and even went out for a few more errands to get out of the house.  I was hoping contractions would pick back up if I kept moving :)

Thursday morning rolled around and again, I called the hospital at 5 am to see if we should come in that day. I was told that they were still full and not able to get anyone in at that point.  Ryan went in to work and of course after he left, my contractions started picking up again and they were about 5-7 minutes apart.  My doctor's office called early that morning and asked if I could come in since they had not seen me in a week. My appointment was scheduled for 9 am and my mom picked me up and we dropped Henry off at school. My doctor was really apologetic that the hospital could not get me in and at this point it seemed my best chance of delivering this baby anytime soon was to go in actual labor. When she checked me I was now 3-4 cm dilated and even though I was having contractions, it was not frequent enough where the hospital would admit me.  We set up an ultrasound for the following Monday if he was not here yet to check on the baby and make sure he was fine since that would be past my due date.  We left the office and my mom and I went to the mall for a bit and walked around.  I was still having contractions 5-7 minutes apart and decided it was best to just go home and rest.  I ended up taking a glorious two hour nap and woke up with a new attitude. My contractions had stopped at this point and I realized that he was going to come whenever he was ready, not when I wanted it scheduled.  Ryan came home with Henry after work and honestly, we had a great night just the three of us.

I went to bed around 9:45 and was awakened about 11 when my water broke.  I stepped out of bed to a huge gush of water and at first I questioned if my water really broke or if I just leaked.  I quickly decided it was not just a leak and woke Ryan up.  He was a little delirious and his first response was, "Are you sure?"  Pretty sure, so we both started getting ready.  I called my mom and we decided that we would drop Henry off on the way since they live so close to us.  I put on some clothes and then started to freshen my hair and put on a little make-up.  I knew I didn't have long but thought I had some time to get a little cleaned up since contractions had not started at this point.  We loaded up the car and Ryan got Henry up and we were out by 11:20.  Thankfully we only live about 15 minutes away from the hospital and it was then that my contractions started picking up and getting more intense. 

When we got there we went back to triage again and she confirmed that my water broke and I was about 5 cm dilated.  We were getting admitted!  It was a little after midnight at this point and we called both our moms to give them an update.  My contractions definitely seemed closer together and much more intense.  I let the nurse know how quickly I dilated last time when I delivered Henry but she continued to take her sweet time.  It seemed like forever until they wheeled me to our room and the first thing I asked her when we got there was when I could get the epidural.  She said it takes about an hour as they need to put in the IV, drain a full bag, order the epidural and get the anesthesiologist up there.  I had a feeling I didn't have an hour....

Contractions were pretty painful at this point and I was gripping the bed rail and breathing through them.  One nurse was also trying to insert the IV but was having trouble.  It seemed like forever but after about 20 minutes of lying in bed, I let her know that I had the urge to push.  I could tell she was surprised by my comment since she didn't even have the IV in yet but she called the other nurse so she could check me.  I was at 8 cm.  I heard Ryan curse at that point and it was then I knew there was no way I was getting an epidural.  Things seemed to get out of control quickly as the nurse then ushered everyone in.  She was on the phone trying to get a hold of the doctor that was on call and the nurses were setting up for delivery.  I don't remember hearing her confirm that I was ready to push but it was clear by the pain I was feeling, the fact that everyone was in the room and that the bright lights were on.  I won't go into every detail but it was just as painful and terrible as you can imagine.  I was sweating, I was yelling and I couldn't wait for it to be over so we could meet our little boy.  The nurses were being encouraging, fanning me and placing cold washcloths on my head.  I was so thankful to have Ryan by my side to squeeze his hand.  Again, it seemed like forever but I think we only waited another 20 minutes or so until the doctor walked in the room.  And it was minutes after the doctors arrival that I was holding Charlie.  Thank. The. Lord. 

Charlie was born at 1:41 am.  Not even three hours after my water broke.  It was definitely the most painful experience of my life but also the most amazing.  My body was shaking so bad and I think I was in shock when they placed him on my chest.  Everything happened so fast but I was so grateful he was finally here and he was perfect. 

Charlie - We couldn't be more in love with you already and feel so blessed to welcome you to our family. We are looking forward to watching you grow and develop your own personality.  Love you sweet boy!

More pictures to come from our stay at the hospital and our first few days at home.  Hard to believe this little boy is almost a week old!

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  1. What a perfect story! Congratulations on your second sweet baby boy and on a quick and safe, albeit very painful, delivery. What wonderful Christmas blessings!


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