Sweet Tea Vodka

Sounds gross, right? Actually, it's fabulous! Here's a fun little story...

So back in February when we were in Charleston for a girls weekend we decided we would venture out to find a winery we had read about. It turned out to be quite the boondoggle and much farther away than we thought. We ended up on Wadmalaw Island and we were definitely in the sticks. We finally found the winery that we had been looking for, Irvin House, and it was actually really cute. Not quite like the wineries in Napa but it definitely had its charm.

These are the bathrooms at the Winery and yes we used them :)

The girls on the trip, my Grandmother, Mom, myself, Aunt Debbie and my cousin Katie. If you look closely you can see all the Firefly vodka bottles on the top shelf.
So while we were at the winery they kept talking about this Firefly Vodka that they produced at the winery and at the time we were much more interested in the wine and not the vodka. Who would drink sweet tea vodka, right??

Well since that trip I kept hearing about this vodka and it still didn't quite appeal to me. So last weekend while we were in Kentucky Robyn and Chris actually had a bottle of this at their house! I didn't believe people actually bought this stuff. So I of course had to try some and let me tell you, it's GREAT! I don't even like sweet tea and I couldn't believe how good it was. I mixed it with a splash of water and it was perfect. I was envisioning sitting out by the pool this summer with a glass, err bottle, of this.

I hear that they sell this in Houston so we're definitely going to be hitting up Specs to pick up a bottle :)


  1. Thanks Lauren! I have been following you and Nicole's blog for quite some time, and finally decided to give it a shot! Have fun at the wedding this weekend and give Alison & Mark my best!


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