Well we made it back from Charleston (after flight cancellations and delays) but overall we had a great time and enjoyed all being together! I've put together a collage of some of my pictures but I'll also give a quick run down of our trip....
  • We ate the BEST food ever! Who doesn't love shrimp and grits and she crab soup?!?
  • We went on a boondoggle to a winery in the middle of now where - see picture to get an idea of the bathroom facilities :)
  • Had a history lesson and learned a little more about the Civil War and where the first shots were fired
  • Toured a really pretty plantation
  • Ran into super cute southern boys - A fraternity from the Univ. of Georgia happened to be staying at our hotel for the weekend :)
  • I found a super cute new dress for the horse races in Kentucky - I wish we had a Copper Penny in Houston!
  • Drove by the house where Noah lived from the movie The Notebook
  • Realized I would love to live on Rainbow Row - the houses are amazing and super cute!
  • Celebrated my grandmother and my cousin's birthday
  • Did I mention we ate really really good food??

We had such a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to getting together again!

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  1. Aww I wish I could blow up the pics! I want to see more!! Looks like you all had a great time! And yay for shrimp and grits...one of my faves :)


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