Bad Day at the Dentist

Ryan and I have somehow managed to avoid the dentist the last couple of years and now we will be paying the price. A BIG price. A 3K price.

I know. I know. We have brought this on ourselves and I should of seen it coming. I knew I was going to have a few cavities but 3 - plus a crown! And Ryan's even worse. I'm not even going to mention the number of cavities that he has. His treatment will require at least 3 visits to fix all of his problems.

I guess I should stop eating the skittles that are sitting right next to me...


  1. 3K??? Oh my goodness!! Is that with insurance? HA! I guess I should start looking for a dentist for me and Aaron. I was already scolded by the MIL about that one....

  2. Just found your blog via brown eyed girl. You guys are adorable!! Love the blog!

  3. I can't wait to be yall's dentist!!! You are going to be very good customers....hahaha!


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