Engagement Party Recap

Another party recap! The last couple of weekends have been filled with wedding related events and last night was no different. My older brother Ryan (the other Ryan) proposed to his girlfriend last month and my parents offered to host them an engagement party. My mom and I started planning this a few weeks ago and I must say - everything turned out fabulous! She gets all the credit though because she came up with all the fun details and the great decor. I just helped pick out the invitations. Ok, I'm going to start with a few pictures of the details because I want to brag on my mother's creativity and then I'll move on to a few of the party pictures. Enjoy!

The invitation :)

Part of the living room decor

Close up of the decor

Party Favors! We found stickers to match the invitation and of course had to find a way to use them. We decided to put cookies in the bags and Courtney's mom actually brought cookies from a bakery in their home town. They were super cute and good!

Candy station

The weather was beautiful and it was a great night to be outside

Outdoor decor


Gerber daisies were everywhere and the pots were all wrapped with burlap

Even Champ dressed for the occasion :)

Taylor, the bride-to-be Courtney and her sister Jayme

Courtney and I

A few of the guests on the patio. My parents invited many of their friends and Ryan and Courtney invited several of their good friends as well.
Courtney and a few of her friends

Ryan and I with the newly engaged couple

After everyone left Ryan and Courtney opened up a few of their gifts

Once again, we had a great time and we are so excited for Ryan and Courtney!
Don't worry - I'll have another wedding related recap after next weekend. Ryan is headed off for Mark's bachelor party and the girls are celebrating Alison's bachelorette party. I'm sure I'll have many more pictures to share!


  1. Such cute pictures! It was a fun party, thanks for all your help.

  2. Oh my goodness it looks awesome!! You guys did such a great job with all the decorations! How cute :) Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. just found your blog! such cute pictures! love the backyard and the candy station ;)


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