Alison's Bridal Shower

On Saturday, my mother and my mother in law hosted a bridal shower for Alison. Everything turned out great as the flowers were beautiful, the berry mimosas were delicious and the cupcakes they made were adorable!

My mother and Ryan's mother thought it would be a great idea to host a shower for her since Mark and Alison have been such good friends of ours. Ryan and Mark have been friends since High School and Ryan is the best man in Mark's wedding as Mark was the best man in our wedding. Alison and I have known each since college and she is also one of my best friends. She was in our wedding and now I'm excited to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding.

You're probably wondering how Alison and Mark met since Ryan went to A&M and I went to OU. Well one weekend our Junior of college Alison came down to College Station with me for the A&M/OU football game. Mark was over at Ryan's house and we all hung out together all weekend. Alison and I headed back to Norman and she actually continued to talk to Mark over the phone for the next couple of months. Mark made a trip to see Alison over New Years and they've been together ever since!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday...

Alison (left) with her two sisters and her Mom
The Cupcakes :)

The favor boxes had matching mini cupcakes in them

The precious flower girl and her cupcake

Nicky T and her Mom

All the gifts
Alison opening gifts

My sister-in-law Becca and I
Rochelle, Lauren, Alison, Nicole and I

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