Pictures at the Park

I've been attending a photography class the past few Wednesday evenings and this last week they gave us an assignment. We must take 5 pictures on the manual setting with our SLR cameras using different apertures and shutter speeds. I had one week to complete this assignment and I thought surely this couldn't be too hard. Well turns out, taking pictures on the manual setting is much more complicated than I thought.

Ryan was a trooper with me this weekend as we tried different locations so I could capture that perfect shot. We ended up this afternoon at Memorial Park where I think I managed to complete at least half of my assignment. I won't share all the pictures as I'm not even sure I used the right settings but I will share with you a few fun pics from this afternoon. We started with a jog around the park and then tossed the ball to Bennett while I tried to capture a few shots. Enjoy!

I used a fast shutter speed to make Bennett appear frozen while running.
Bennett clearly can't keep his eyes off the ball :)
Haha - I can never get a good pic with Benny.

Taking a much needed water break.
Happy dog. Just ran 3 miles and played fetch at the park. It doesn't get much better than this.
Oh and a few of these were consumed after our fun afternoon...
Have a good week!


  1. Look at Benny!! What an action shot! I'm impressed :) Love the beer shot at the end. It looks pretty tasty! I know, it's not even noon yet...

    Long weekend!

  2. that is one handsome hound you have on your hands there! looks like a very fun day, with a fantastic ending. honeymoon--is this like blue moon for married people? eheheheh


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