To clean, or not to clean?

That is the question. Well the answer is clear - not to clean! I feel like Ryan and I have barely been home lately and our house is a mess. I won't go into details but trust me, it could use a good scrub. However, it's Thursday night and Ryan and I are both home with nothing to do. So we must live on with the Thursday tradition of pizza and wine and plant ourselves on the couch!

Sorry house, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow (err Saturday or Sunday)....


  1. This might be my finals-inflicted-insomnia speaking but I say .... 'not to clean!'
    Quiet time with your hubby and a fine glass of black box is more important than some dust free baseboards :)

  2. my house has been waiting for weeks to clean! glad I love by myself : ) haha!


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