A Day at the Races...

Ryan and I are headed to Kentucky this upcoming weekend to spend time with Ryan's sister and her family. They have the cutest two kids and we couldn't be more excited to spend Easter with them!

They've only been in Kentucky since last Fall and we are looking forward to seeing the countryside, drinking some bourbon and spending a day at the races. This is our first time to see live horse races so of course we have to dress in our best.

Ryan picked up a new sport coat, slacks and a preppy tie while I picked up this fabulous dress while I was in Charleston, SC. It looks like it is going to be cold (think 40's) but I think once I have a few Mint Juleps in me I'll be fine :)

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  1. Love the dress! Can't wait to see pics!! And I am totally ordering a mint julep this wkend just to try it :)


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