Halloween 2014

Halloween was so much fun this year and I love that Henry was so excited for all the festivities.  He talked about trick or treating for weeks and couldn't wait to be a "Fireman".  They had a costume parade at school and Henry insisted on wearing his costume that morning even though the parade wasn't until the afternoon.
Charlie was dressed as a Shark and it was so cute to see all the babies come through in the cribs. Charlie seemed a little confused as he came by but he sure looked cute!
Henry was so excited to see that we were there and couldn't stop waving at Ryan and I through the window of the other classroom when he saw us.
 Henry was also pretty excited to see Mimi!
 Family pics are near impossible...
 All dressed up and ready to go to the party at the park before trick or treating!
 Shark boy!
 Henry insisted on bringing his lawn mover to the park....

 Henry and the girl down the street.... I think we're in trouble with these two!
 Cutest shark!
 Love these two :)
 Mimi & Pops came by for a quick visit...
 And so did Nana...
Lined up for the parade... Henry got Best Costume for Two & Under!  Just barely made the cut by two weeks!
I didn't get any other pics at this point since it was dark and we were busy going door to door.  It was such a great night and I loved watching Halloween through Henry's eyes.  He was so excited to say trick or treat and loved trying to keep up with the older boys down the street.  Charlie was also quite the trooper and hung out in his stroller most of the night.

It was such a great day and I can't imagine how fun it will be next year with two boys running around!

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