Charlie at Eleven Months...

Charles Davis... you are eleven months old!
How is it possible that you will be one in less than a month?!? At eleven months you weigh 20 pounds and are wearing size 12-18 month clothes.  You continue to take 3-4 bottles a day and I know we are going to have a hard time weaning you off a bottle here soon and putting you on whole milk. Not much progress on the eating front as you continue to not show an interest in real food.  This has been pretty frustrating but I know you will get there. You mostly want baby food and lately you would prefer to eat this out of a pouch yourself than us spoon feeding you.  You still love puffs but that is the only semi-solid food you like to pick up.
You have started taking a few steps at a time but still prefer crawling to get around.  We bought you shoes recently which I think really has helped.  Especially since you always want to be outside next to Henry.
Speaking of Henry, watching you and your brother is seriously the best.  He adores you and is always talking about his little brother Charlie.  You typically want to be right near him and playing with his toys and you get frustrated when you can't keep him.  Won't be long though until you are running right beside him!
We have had a few challenges this month with teething being the biggest one.  You finally have three teeth that have popped through with another one on the way.  Your hands are always in your mouth and you are constantly drooling.  Not to mention, extremely fussy, especially in he evenings.  I don't remember Henry having this much trouble with it but just like everything else, you have proved to very different than your brother.  Going outside is one way we can distract you from this pain!
Now on to the dreaded sleep subject... one day you will sleep through the night and that is all that matters.  You are really close and most of the time make it until 4 or 5 am and will take a bottle and then go back to sleep for a bit.  I know teething has been bothering you lately which is part of the reason for your 2 am wake ups.  As for naps, you mostly take one, two hour, nap at daycare. I'm surprised you are not sleeping more during the day and on some weekends you will give us two naps but not always.  You are also becoming a pacifier boy and want this at night and during the day when you're fussy.
You are such a mama's boy and I love it!  Most of the time... I love when you reach for me and come over to me to be held.  You also love to snuggle your head into my shoulder which is so sweet.  This can be a little tricky though when I'm trying to get dressed or cook dinner but for the most part I'm not complaining.  You can also say mama which is your only word!  A few of your other tricks are waving to people and signing for a bottle.
Charlie boy, while this month had a few bumps with you teething, it is always such a joy to be around you.  You have the best smile and laugh and are such a happy boy.  I can't believe that we are celebrating your first birthday in just a few weeks!!

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