Camp Rudy Birthday Bash!

We decided to host a joint birthday party for the boys this year since Henry was turning 3 in mid-November and Charlie was turning 1 in early December.  I'm not sure how many years we can get away with doing this but it worked out great!

Thanks to Pinterest, we came up with the idea of a camping theme which was perfect for the boys. There are so many cute ideas out there and I think we pulled off a pretty cute camping party, mostly thanks to my mom for her craftiness :)
I have to share some of the cute details first and then will post some family party pics!
Adorable Teepee Kit from Paper Source
The weather was not ideal so we ended up moving the fishing hole inside :) 
Super cute and delicious cookies and S'mores cupcakes!
Boards and banners made by my Mom :)
Ryan grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone.  We kept it simple with chips, fruit and veggies for the sides. 
Now on to the party.... this boy was soooo excited!
I'm not so sure how excited he was but he sure was cute!
Best family pic we could get :)
Henry was all about the scavenger hunt and loved finding the lizards, frogs, snakes, flashlights, etc. in the yard!
Time for cake!  The emotions on his face were priceless.  He was so excited about everyone singing Happy Birthday and then he had such a shy grin on his face while we were singing :)
Next up... cake for Charlie!
Charlie wasn't so sure about the cake and wasn't a fan of getting his hands dirty... 
This boy didn't have any problems digging in though!
Time for a few presents... 
And that's a wrap!  It was such a fun day and we are so grateful we were able to celebrate both birthdays with our friends and family!

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  1. Your family is AMAZING! I am so happy that I found your blog . . . in my travels. Take care!
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