Weekend in Pics

We had a wonderful weekend and it started off with Ms. Alexandra Rose being born Thursday morning!  We were so excited she made her big debut and I was able to see her Thursday evening and then again on Friday.  She's such a cutie and I'm so excited to spoil her!

My grandmother came in town from Tulsa for a few days and we were able to spend some time with her.  My parents watched Henry Friday night so we could go on a date night and my mom sent us this picture while we were out.  Love!

Saturday morning this cutie woke up with one arm out of his sleeve.  I think we were both a little confused how it got this way :)

We went to lunch at one of our favorite spots in town and one of the best things is their cookies...  This boy couldn't get enough!

I tried to get a picture with him but he had a hard time smiling since his mouth was so full :)

On Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and I look over and this boy is sitting on top of Bennett brushing his hair.... This kiddo loves his Benny!

And lastly, a pic of Henry and I on Mother's Day.  So thankful to have this boy in our lives!  Love :)

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