A Day in the Life

Last week I documented pictures throughout our day so I could share what it's like in our household on a normal weekday.  I wish that I would have done this before now but I'll try to do a similar post every few months so I can look back on what every day life looks like for us.

It was a Tuesday morning and my alarm went off at 5:15 am.  I hopped in the shower and then grabbed a waffle and some OJ for a quick breakfast.  I finished getting ready and then woke Henry up around 6:20.  Some days he is up by now on his own but not this morning.  This morning he really struggled to wake up.  I love how he sleeps with his legs crossed underneath him and I love that I was able to get this cute pic of him.

Every morning when he wakes up I change his diaper and then get him dressed.  Then we go downstairs for a few snuggles and some milk.  Leo normally makes it down the stairs with us :)

Snuggles usually last only a few minutes and then he's ready to be on his own.  I'll take what I can get for now :)

It was around 6:30 at this point and we woke Ryan up.  I finished getting dressed and snapped a quick pic before heading out the door.  Gotta love my photo bomber!

I got a quick hug and a wave and then I was out the door by 6:45.  Ryan takes him to daycare in the morning and usually drops him off around 7:30.

Thankfully I live close to work and I'm usually at my desk a little after 7.  I spent my morning catching up on emails and was ready for my usual snack of goldfish and a Diet Dr Pepper by 8:30.

I had a few meetings that morning and then Ryan and I hit up Freebirds for lunch.  We work in the same office and it's so nice to be able to grab lunch together every now and then.

The afternoon went quickly and I was out the door at 5 ready to pick up my little boy.  I love walking in his class and seeing his big smile when he sees me.  Today he had made a "sun collage" and was showing it off.  I managed to snap a few pics before he destroyed it :/

We got home around 5:30 and he had some apple juice and raisins.  Lately he has been into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he watched this for about 15 minutes before Ryan got home.

We then all went for a walk which we try to do almost every evening.  We've got to get Bennett out of the house for some exercise and Henry seems to enjoy this time as well.

After our walk I fixed Henry dinner.  We were about to leave to go out of town so we didn't have much on hand.  Mac n cheese, chicken fingers and bananas it was!  I can't say I always win Mom of the year when it comes to nutrition.  I usually try to have a more balanced meal during the week but that doesn't always happen.  

After dinner we went upstairs to play for a bit and then took a bath.  Henry LOVES the squirt toys and has figured out how to spray Benny, me and all the walls.

After the bath Henry usually sits with Ryan and snuggles with Leo while enjoying some milk.  Sometimes we'll read books but tonight Henry just watched baseball for a bit.  Ryan put him in his crib around 7:30 and he was fast asleep.  We're thankful he goes down so easy at night!

Ryan and I had dinner at this point and finally sat down a little after 8 to watch some TV.  I'm pretty sure I climbed into bed around 9:30 that night and Ryan wasn't far to follow.  Life is good right now but it is definitely exhausting!  Wouldn't change it for anything though :)

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