Eighteen Months

Henry Ryan... you are eighteen months old!  A year and a half...  A full blown toddler...  Only six more months until you are two..  Where has the time gone?!? 

My last update was at fifteen months and so much has changed since then.    You are looking and acting more and more like a big boy than my little baby.  While this makes me sad and miss that stage I am even more excited about this age and what's to come.

You have the best grin and love to smile when I pull out the camera.  You get this goofy look on your face that just cracks me up.  You also have the best laugh that comes out at the oddest moments.  We're not so sure what you think is funny but you definitely have us rolling when you get the giggles.

Being outside is your absolute favorite thing to do.  You love to play with your lawnmower, drive your truck, pick up rocks and play in the dirt.  All boy for sure.  You always want to go outside when Bennett does and do not understand why you can't always go with him.  We are definitely starting the phase where you throw tantrums and lay on the floor when you don't get your way.  I'm hoping this phase passes quickly but I'm not so sure...

You are such an observant boy and love to mimic whatever we are doing.  Especially your dad.  You can be a momma's boy every now and then but you sure love your dad.  You're always watching what he is doing and then want to do the same thing.

You are also very focused when you set your mind to something.  You get very serious and try hard.  This usually only lasts a few minutes though and you're on to the next thing.  Which is usually playing/hugging on Benny, watching cartoons, climbing on chairs, or most of the time - getting in trouble.

We're still working on your vocabulary but you do say a few things now - hot, uh oh and what's this?  You jabber quite a bit so you're trying to say real words but we just don't understand them.  You also only have four teeth but we see a few on top that are about to poke through.  You are finally not drooling as much as you used to be but we're so ready to see more teeth.  Hopefully soon!

You love to eat and lately you're obsessed with cookies.  Always signing "more" when you see them.  We're going through a phase where one day you'll eat one thing and the next day you won't touch it so that can be a little challenging but we're working through it.  A few of your favorites though are still cheese, waffles, goldfish, bananas and any type of pasta.  You weigh 25 pounds and are very heavy to carry around!  You're wearing size 18 mths or 18-24 month clothes and wear size 5.5 shoes.  Last time we went to the doctor you were in the 30th percentile for weight but I feel like you're a pretty big boy for your age!

You're a great sleeper and usually go down between 7:30-8 pm and then wake up between 6:30-7 am.  Definitely manageable!  You are taking one nap and usually go down a little after noon and wake up about two hours later.  If you get off on your sleep you're definitely cranky though!

Have I mentioned that you're all boy?!?  If you're outside and dirty or wet you're most likely happy.  You're dad is a neat freak so he struggles with this a little but I can't help but laugh.

Henry, you are such a happy boy and you bring so much joy to our lives.  Yes, we have our times where we struggle with you when you're tired or cranky but generally you are in such a good mood and always laughing and smiling.  Love you so much kiddo :)

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