38 Weeks!

We have officially made it 38 weeks.  I hate to complain as this has been a great pregnancy for me but I'm starting to really feel the aches and pains of being so close to the end.  Everything is so much harder and I find myself grunting when I have to pick something up off the floor.  In good news, when I went to the doctor this past week she said I had progressed even more.  I go back this Friday and I'm anxious to see where I'm at then.  Assuming he hasn't come already :)

A few updates....
  • We have way too much Halloween candy leftover at our house for someone that is due in less than two weeks.  I've always had a sweet tooth but it's been taken to a new level... :/
  • Our stroller arrived this week and I LOVE it!  Ryan put it together and it's looking good in our house just waiting to have a little boy to ride in it. 
  • Ryan also installed our car seat this past week.  We are all ready to go in case we have a late night trip to the hospital. 
  • I picked up the last few necessities for the hospital this weekend so for the most part our bags are packed.  Well mine are at least.  I'm not sure what Ryan is planning on bringing but he doesn't seem too worried :)
  • Ryan and I went to the movies again this afternoon.  We are slightly obsessed with movie popcorn and are trying to get in as many movie/popcorn dates as we can before Baby Rudy comes.  
  • About halfway through the movie I started getting intense lower back pain.  This is a new feeling for me and I was slightly worried.  I got up and walked around and the pain went away but still scared me a little bit.  Not sure if it means we are close or if this is just part of those aches and pains that come with pregnancy this late in the game.
  • And lastly, I'm pretty sure my belly resembles a torpedo.... Is this normal?!?
Sweet new ride...

38 weeks :)

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