In case you're wondering, Baby R is still snug in my belly and has decided not to make an appearance yet.  I go back to the doctor this Friday and hopefully I'll have another update then.  I've had some contractions this week but for the most part we're doing OK!

We had our house cleaned today and it was such an amazing feeling coming home to a spotless house.  Now, if only we can keep Benny from shedding and messing it up before this baby comes...

In other news, my blog received a face lift today and I love it!  Marina at Penny Lane Designs hooked me up and I love her work.  I wanted something simple and fresh and I think we achieved just that.

And lastly, our new house is really coming along and we should close sometime mid to late December.  We went by the other day and our kitchen cabinets and counter tops were in.  So far it looks great and I can't wait to see it all come together!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Oh my word the granite is in??? Ahhh I love it. All of it - the cabinet colors and granite. So pretty! I can't wait til you are moved in!!


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