37 Weeks!

Yesterday marked 37 weeks which means this baby is officially full-term!  It's a little crazy to think he could come any day but I'm hoping he bakes a little longer.  I have been going to weekly appointments and this last week I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  I know I could stay that way for weeks but it's still exciting to see that we're making some progress!  I've had a few contractions so far but nothing consistent or even that painful.

A few updates...

  • The whole nesting feeling hasn't come over me yet and I'm starting to wonder if it ever will.  My house is dirty and there is a lot I could do to get organized for this baby and preparing for our move in 6-8 weeks.  I'm not quite sure why I'm procrastinating but every time I start to do something I decide sitting down on the couch watching a new episode of Parenthood sounds much better. 
  • Ryan and I recently discovered the Parenthood series on Netflix and we're hooked.  We've laughed, cried (well, that was me) but find it very entertaining.  
  • I have washed most of the baby clothes at this point.  I'm yet to organize what I will take to the hospital and what we will pack for the baby but I figure we have time.  I think...
  • I've started envisioning crazy stories in my head of when my water will break and I'll go into labor.  I know it doesn't always happen like that but I can't help but think of the worst timing possible and convince myself that is when it will happen.
  • I'm also hoping it doesn't happen in the middle of the night.  When I've gotten up these past few nights to use the restroom and glanced into the mirror I've been scared.  I'm not quite sure how my hair manages to get into such a tangled mess but these last few weeks it's been frightful!  I just hope that I'll have time to hop in the shower and freshen up before making a trip to Labor & Delivery at 3 am...
  • I went to put on my one of favorite tops this past weekend to find that it no longer fits.  I normally wear this top with leggins and my belly is so large in front now that it's incredibly tight across my backside.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my bum has gotten a little larger lately but the fact that the shirt is using all it's fabric to cover the front and not the back.  Regardless,  Ryan informed me I could no longer wear it.  Bummer.... looks like I'm down to only a few outfit options at this point so if you see me lately there is a good chance that I'll be repeating clothes...
  • This past weekend Ryan and I have savored the time as just the two of us and have slept in, visited our favorite restaurants and went to see a movie.  Not too much longer and we'll be a family of three so we are taking advantage of the time we have just the two of us for now. 
  • And lastly, I'm dying to share the news of the name we have picked!  I've come so close to saying it in front of family and friends but I'm trying to be strong and wait until he makes his big appearance.  Not too much longer!!
Large & In Charge at 37 weeks :)

Benny at 37 weeks :) 

Yes, Benny is always trying to get in the pic with me so we thought we'd take his own so he felt included.  And yes, he has packed on a few lbs too....  The lack of running lately and increase in donuts and pizza in his diet has taken to his figure.  Here's to hoping we'll both shed the pounds quickly after the baby arrives!

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