Birthday Boy

My little boy Benny turned three today!  Where has the time gone??  He is really growing up.  Well, some days he is.  Except for here, here and here.  Anyways, since we don't have any children yet I think is perfectly acceptable to treat my dog like a child and spoil him rotten on his birthday.  Ryan may feel differently but I made sure to sing Happy Birthday bright and early this morning in bed resulting in an ugly stare from a sleepy husband.  Ryan did cave a little later in the day though and we made a stop at PetsMart to pick up a new toy and collar to celebrate this milestone. 

It has been three hours since Bennett received his toy today and so far it has remained in one piece.  Maybe this toy will actually sustain the "extreme chewing" it promised!

And like any good Mom I had to get a picture with the birthday boy :)

Happy Birthday Benny!  Here's to another year and hoping that you really do grow up enough that we can trust you outside of your crate all day!  Nah... who am I kidding??


  1. Beautiful boy! Of course he deserves some spoilin' on his birthday!

  2. Aww Benners! You are such a good mom to remember your dogs birthday, unlike some who lose the papers on their pups and can't seem to remember their big day....This is why I may never have kids.

    Also, you look so cute in this pic!


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